Create in me a pure heart, o God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.               ~Psalm 51:10


Meet Lucky, the newest member of our family.  We’ve all spent a lot of time this past week getting to know each other better.  Our other dog Spicey is having to make the most adjustment of us all.  She’s used to being not only the top dog, but the only dog.  She doesn’t seem to understand the concept of us multiplying our love, as she’d rather try her best to make us divide it between them.  She comes whether we call her or the puppy, seeking her share of whatever love there is to go around.  She’s a real love hog.

Lucky is too.  He’s also full of energy as are most healthy puppies and he like to play! play! play!  He’s forever underfoot, and it’s a wonder that he’s not been stepped on a time or two already.  He’s so small and mischevious and can slip into the smallest little hiding place.  He’s a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie), a herding breed, who came into this world nipping at everyone’s heels.  If you visit, please don’t expect that your shoes will stay tied for very long!

Kellen really loves his little puppy and they’ve already become fast friends!  They look cute together in today’s photo.  We all have plans to attend some training classes together soon so we will know best how to train him.  We’re a little challenged right now with the training of this little furball.  We’ve never had a puppy before, so it’s not something we’ve ever done before.  Which I guess puts us all on pretty even ground, since Lucky has never before been trained.   afs


** Note:  it appears that Metropolis has closed.  I’m terribly sorry to learn this, especially after trying them once and falling in love with their pizza.  Yet another reminder for us to take every opportunity to lend our patronage and support to our local businesses while they’re still around


We found ourselves this past Saturday in downtown Anderson with my dad, my sister, and her two sons who visiting from PA.  We went downtown specifically to try out one of our newer restaurants, Metropolis Pizzeria.  Not even half a second after taking my first bite of their ‘white pizza’, I had a “what took us so long” moment.  It was SuPeR YuMmY DeLiCiOuS!  Kellen and his cousin Larry each ordered and enjoyed a personal pizza, prepared their favorite way, and soon after the first, the second selection for the adults, called “All In” was delivered to the table.   Just as yummy! 

09-02-09 extra2

The owner, Devin Rubinstein, was the only employee on hand while we were there, but she handled everything in short order.  She took our orders, served our drinks, made our pizzas (she can toss that dough pretty high) and even brought some toys over to entertain my youngest nephew, Landon. 

If you haven’t already had the pleasure, I would highly recommend you take the time to visit Metropolis Pizzeria on the court square in downtown Anderson.  The ingredients are super fresh!  We know this becase we watched as Devin walked outside by the front door and snapped off some fresh basil to top off another couples pizza.  That couple, shown in the photo below with Devin, is Shayna Hollander of Shayna Bella Soaps and Fred Westerwelle of Fred’s Bread.  It was nice to meet them and to learn of their businesses that were both new to me.  I couldn’t find a link to more info on Fred’s Bread, so perhaps Fred will be in touch with a little more information after I email him.  I’ll let you know.   afs

09-02-09 extra3

Everyday Eclecticism turns one today!  Blogging has been a wonderful experience.  I’ve met new friends, gained much knowledge, and had a great time.  I started out with a goal of posting a photo a day.  Although the rigors of everyday life have occasionally prevented me from adhering perfectly to this goal, I have been able to share more than 450 photos in 317 posts since the 23rd of August, 2008.  Doesn’t that ‘technically’ mean that I surpassed my goal?  I’d like to think so!  🙂

To celebrate this FIRST BLOGIVERSARY, I’m sharing the first photo I posted on August 23, 2008, and several other of my favorites from the past year. You can see all my photos by visiting the archives to the left.   afs










Gods Watering Can

God is the gardener of your heart
His watering can, plays a vital part
He watches over them as they grow
When spiritual healing waters flow
Watering your flowers every day
Brings a colour of beautiful display
Beams of Spiritual light & love shine
On the garden of your heart divine
Their beauty and love they share
Sweet fragrance pervades the air
Flowers angels water with loving care
Yes in answer to some one prayer
Healing thoughts they send your way
Happiness, Sunshine to fill each day
God answers your prayers right away
To those people who unto him do Pray

             Reginald F. Horton

We were scheduled to be at the beach this weekend, but changed our plans to go another weekend soon.  We’ve been really busy running lots of errands, picking up last minute items before the start of school, and preparing for a community yard sale next weekend.  We’ve been so busy in fact, that I’m having a bit of remorse about our decision and am wishing that we were lounging in the sun on the beach, or perhaps sipping a cocktail on the deck of a seaside cottage with our only delimma being to decide what type of seafood we’d like to have for dinner. 

Hence today’s photos from past trips to one of our favorite areas of the South Carolina Low Country, Hunting Island and Harbor Island.  I’m allowing myself to travel back for a short visit after all….if only in my mind.   afs


08-15-09 extra

08-15-09 extra2

08-15-09 extra3

08-15-09 extra4

08-15-09 extra5

We recently caught our brave little dog Spicey in a battle with an alligator.  As you can imagine, we had quite the scare.  However, as you can see in this series of photos, she fought the good fight and had that gator belly up and counted out in record time.  I feel safe and secure with such a fierce little battle warrior living in my home and devoted to me!   afs


08-14-09 extra

08-14-09 extra2


08-13-09 extra1

08-13-09 extra2

08-13-09 extra3

08-13-09 extra4

08-13-09 extra5

Today’s colors represent the end of the rainbow not covered in yesterday’s post.  G (green), B (blue), I (indigo), and V (violet).  Less vibrant than the R (red), O (orange), Y (yellow) end of the spectrum, but none the less as lovely.     afs



08-12-09 extra1


08-12-09 extra2


I must be getting pretty old, because time is lapping me.  IT FLIES!!  I can’t believe that it’s been six days since my last post.  Of course I knew I was behind, but SIX DAYS??  It seems that I really let life get in the way of blogging this week.

To get back on track I’ve been looking through my recent photos.  In many of them, the main thing to jump out at me are the colors.  I’ve selected a few to post here today that clearly spell summertime to me.  As I stand back and look at them they perfectly represent the R.O.Y. (red orange yellow) section of a summer rainbow.   I hope you’re enjoying the colors of your summer! 

I’ll be spending the next little looking for more shots so we can complete the G.B.I.V. (green blue indigo violet) sections of that rainbow tomorrow!     afs

Each time we drive between home and Pennsylvania, we cross over this amazing bridge.  It’s the New River Bridge in Fayetteville WV.   The New River Bridge, built across the river gorge is the largest steel-arch bridge in the United States.  I learned a couple of interesting facts about the bridge.  The bridge is the color of rust because it is made from Cor-ten steel, which literally forms a layer of surface rust that protects the inner steel fromo corroding and also  prevents the need for painting.  I’d hate to be a painter on THAT crew!  The other standout fact is the height of the bridge.  It stands 876 feet above the river, giving it the distinction of being the second highest bridge in the United States.  876 feet!  That was illustrated on the sign as being 20 feet taller than the Washington Monument with two (yes two) Statues of Liberty stacked on top! 

On October 17, Fayetteville will celebrate the 30th Anniversary Bridge Day Festival, which I learned is the largest festival in the state.  This event is all about jumping and rappelling from the bridge.  YIKES!  Acrophobics need not put this one their calendars!  In looking at the calendar of events for the festival, it looks like something I would love to see and experience.  Too bad we’ll not be passing through at the right time.  Thanks to James who took the photos from the lower observtion deck.  My creeky old knees asked me to avoid those 170+ steps to get to that level and back.  When my knees speak, I listen!   afs


from upper observation deck

08-04-09 extra

from lower observation deck

08-04-09 extra2

the original bridge from the new bridge

08-04-09 extra3

view into the gorge

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy today’s photo and if you have time, scroll down to see previous photos dating back to August of 2008. Nothing fancy, just everyday bits of my life and the lives of those around me. Please say hello or leave your comments by clicking “comments” above any photo. I post a new photo every day, so bookmark me and visit often!

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