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“It is the HEART that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.” Henry Ward Beecher

Photo of  heart found in a pattern of snow on our patio bricks.

February 13, 2010



I’m afraid that today’s post truly lives up to the “eclecticism” part of this blog name.   Searching around for some inspiration for commentary to go with photo, I learned some rather interesting new bubble gum trivia.  I hope you don’t my sharing it with you here.

Did you know…

…that the energy Americans expend everyday chewing bubble gum could light a city of 10 million people for a day?

…that bubble gum was included in ration kits of soldiers serving in WWII?

…that studies have shown that chewing gum helps people to concentrate?  (Really?)

…that chewing gum helps improve memory?!  (If only I could REMEMBER to chew more gum!)

…that thousands of years before gum was invented, people of all cultures enjoyed chewing on gums, resins, and latex secretions of plants.   YUM 😛

Well, I’m sure that’s way more than you needed (or even wanted) to know about gum.  Today’s photo was taken outside of Gattytown in Greenville when we took Kellen and a friend recently.  It’s just one of the many fun and colorful things that I snapped that day.   afs

 Resources:  WikiAnswers;   All About Stuff;   GumAssociation


When was the last time you hung your laundry out to dry on one of these?  I can honestly say that I’ve not used one as an adult.  I remember that my Mom would hang our laundry out dry when I was a kid.  I also recall that the items dried outside in the fresh air and sunshine always had a distinct crispness and fresh, outdoorsy (is that even a word) fragrance.

The thought of hanging out the laundry does take me back to a simpler time.  Perhaps in light of current economic woes,  we might consider revisiting this energy efficient way of drying our laundry.   I’m considering, but I’ve got to say that high on my list of “cons” is that I live in the city of Anderson, underneath LOTS of trees.  Trees that are visited by LOTS of birds.  Birds who quite frankly don’t care where they go if you know what I mean.  I fear I would be doing even more laundry than usual if I used a line in my yard.   afs


I had flounder last night for dinner.  It made me think about a past family trip to the Georgia Aquarium where I first recall noticing how a flounder truly looks and about it’s habits.  I pretty much knew what a flounder looked like, their shape and size, and I had of course eaten them many time before.  What I had no idea about was the way they appear to lay on their sides on the bottom.  I now know that living on the bottom and blending in is the flounders way of protecting themselves against predators.

Weird, but interesting.  I remember watching the different types of flounder that day in a state of total fascination.  The logical part of my brain want to see that fish swimming upright like other fish do.  Did you know that they also have two eyes on one side of their bodies?  How is it that I don’t recall having known all this before this particular aquarium visit a few years ago?  I mean, really!   The flounder is the most common shallow water flatfish for goodness sakes.

I called upon Wikipedia to test my memories and to see what else I might learn about them.  Did you know that they are not actually born with two eyes on one side?  No!  One of their eyes migrates during their growth cycle.  Because I now know all of this about flounder, I better understand the meaning of the word “floundering” which is often used to describe awkward behavior.  The behavior of these fish sure is awkward to me!   afs





illuminated 06-21-09

Kellen left today for a week at Camp Old Indian with his scout troop.  His first full week away from home.  EVER!   I’ve been a little blue today missing him and of course this photo represents that color well.

I know tomorrow will be better and I’ll begin to do some of the many things that I have planned to do while he is away, including some cleaning and purging in his room 😉

Lots to do before next Saturday!   afs



Our son Kellen likes color.  Nowhere is it more obvious than in his bedroom.  He chose bright red, blue and yellow.  He would have liked another color too, but since one wall is mostly white-painted closet doors, leaving only three paintable walls, we asked him to stop at three.  What we did was to paint each wall a different color, and the space above the picture molding is painted the color of the wall beside it.  It was intended to have the effect of the paint traveling from one wall to the next.  It makes for a color-blocked look.

As if the bright colors weren’t enough, Kellen chose a wallpaper border designed with colorful skate boards.  The border has a black background and one of the skateboards has some flames on it, so we purchased some black fabric with flames to make curtains with, but I’ve not yet made those.  On the blue wall you can see part of a poster with two of the skateboards from his border.  What I did was cut several of the skateboards out of left-over border and then had them enlarged at the copy store.  I mounted them onto black posterboard and framed them in a poster frame.  This made for some inexpensive wall hangings to coordinate with his room.

This second picture shows a closer view of the border and yet another color introduced into the room, his green plastic strip curtain covering the doorway.  Kellen loves color…I love color.  I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in this regard.   afs

05-16-09 extra



I spotted this blossoming wild blackberry vine at Chris Taylor Park on Mother’s Day and literally did a double take.  It stuck me as not only pretty, but as full of promise of good things to come.   afs


Fun, old 7-Up sign found on the side of a barn at Sadler’s Creek BBQ.   afs

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