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I’m afraid that today’s post truly lives up to the “eclecticism” part of this blog name.   Searching around for some inspiration for commentary to go with photo, I learned some rather interesting new bubble gum trivia.  I hope you don’t my sharing it with you here.

Did you know…

…that the energy Americans expend everyday chewing bubble gum could light a city of 10 million people for a day?

…that bubble gum was included in ration kits of soldiers serving in WWII?

…that studies have shown that chewing gum helps people to concentrate?  (Really?)

…that chewing gum helps improve memory?!  (If only I could REMEMBER to chew more gum!)

…that thousands of years before gum was invented, people of all cultures enjoyed chewing on gums, resins, and latex secretions of plants.   YUM 😛

Well, I’m sure that’s way more than you needed (or even wanted) to know about gum.  Today’s photo was taken outside of Gattytown in Greenville when we took Kellen and a friend recently.  It’s just one of the many fun and colorful things that I snapped that day.   afs

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Obviously my nephew Landon LOVES his ice cream.  And what lactose tolerate person wouldn’t!  After all, it’s cool, creamy, and filled with layer upon layer of delicious goodness.  Also obviously in the photo above, is the love that his mother Tasha (my sister) has for him!  

I learned this week that two downtown Anderson restaurants are closing because of the economy.  Sad!  But also a vivid reminder that we all need to support our local businesses at every opporunity.  Landon’s cotton candy ice cream is one of many flavors available in downtown Anderson at Koo Koo Ice Cream Depot, a great spot to visit with the family.  Read more about them in this previous post.   afs

09-06-09 extra

** Note:  it appears that Metropolis has closed.  I’m terribly sorry to learn this, especially after trying them once and falling in love with their pizza.  Yet another reminder for us to take every opportunity to lend our patronage and support to our local businesses while they’re still around


We found ourselves this past Saturday in downtown Anderson with my dad, my sister, and her two sons who visiting from PA.  We went downtown specifically to try out one of our newer restaurants, Metropolis Pizzeria.  Not even half a second after taking my first bite of their ‘white pizza’, I had a “what took us so long” moment.  It was SuPeR YuMmY DeLiCiOuS!  Kellen and his cousin Larry each ordered and enjoyed a personal pizza, prepared their favorite way, and soon after the first, the second selection for the adults, called “All In” was delivered to the table.   Just as yummy! 

09-02-09 extra2

The owner, Devin Rubinstein, was the only employee on hand while we were there, but she handled everything in short order.  She took our orders, served our drinks, made our pizzas (she can toss that dough pretty high) and even brought some toys over to entertain my youngest nephew, Landon. 

If you haven’t already had the pleasure, I would highly recommend you take the time to visit Metropolis Pizzeria on the court square in downtown Anderson.  The ingredients are super fresh!  We know this becase we watched as Devin walked outside by the front door and snapped off some fresh basil to top off another couples pizza.  That couple, shown in the photo below with Devin, is Shayna Hollander of Shayna Bella Soaps and Fred Westerwelle of Fred’s Bread.  It was nice to meet them and to learn of their businesses that were both new to me.  I couldn’t find a link to more info on Fred’s Bread, so perhaps Fred will be in touch with a little more information after I email him.  I’ll let you know.   afs

09-02-09 extra3

We were scheduled to be at the beach this weekend, but changed our plans to go another weekend soon.  We’ve been really busy running lots of errands, picking up last minute items before the start of school, and preparing for a community yard sale next weekend.  We’ve been so busy in fact, that I’m having a bit of remorse about our decision and am wishing that we were lounging in the sun on the beach, or perhaps sipping a cocktail on the deck of a seaside cottage with our only delimma being to decide what type of seafood we’d like to have for dinner. 

Hence today’s photos from past trips to one of our favorite areas of the South Carolina Low Country, Hunting Island and Harbor Island.  I’m allowing myself to travel back for a short visit after all….if only in my mind.   afs


08-15-09 extra

08-15-09 extra2

08-15-09 extra3

08-15-09 extra4

08-15-09 extra5

Each time we drive between home and Pennsylvania, we cross over this amazing bridge.  It’s the New River Bridge in Fayetteville WV.   The New River Bridge, built across the river gorge is the largest steel-arch bridge in the United States.  I learned a couple of interesting facts about the bridge.  The bridge is the color of rust because it is made from Cor-ten steel, which literally forms a layer of surface rust that protects the inner steel fromo corroding and also  prevents the need for painting.  I’d hate to be a painter on THAT crew!  The other standout fact is the height of the bridge.  It stands 876 feet above the river, giving it the distinction of being the second highest bridge in the United States.  876 feet!  That was illustrated on the sign as being 20 feet taller than the Washington Monument with two (yes two) Statues of Liberty stacked on top! 

On October 17, Fayetteville will celebrate the 30th Anniversary Bridge Day Festival, which I learned is the largest festival in the state.  This event is all about jumping and rappelling from the bridge.  YIKES!  Acrophobics need not put this one their calendars!  In looking at the calendar of events for the festival, it looks like something I would love to see and experience.  Too bad we’ll not be passing through at the right time.  Thanks to James who took the photos from the lower observtion deck.  My creeky old knees asked me to avoid those 170+ steps to get to that level and back.  When my knees speak, I listen!   afs


from upper observation deck

08-04-09 extra

from lower observation deck

08-04-09 extra2

the original bridge from the new bridge

08-04-09 extra3

view into the gorge

We enjoyed our recent trip to Pennsylvania!  My sister and her family lives in Pittsburgh and we stayed with my parents who live less than an hour away.  We spent lots of time with the family and visited one of our favorite places in Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Science Center.   


Pittsburgh cityscape

07-31-09 extra

Carnegie Science Center

07-31-09 extra1

New Exhibit: RoboWorld

07-31-09 extra2

Mom shoots some fish

07-31-09 extra3

Tasha and Landon enjoy some climbing

07-31-09 extra4

Kellen and James work on robotics

Moving on today to another aquarium in another city, these jellyfish live at the Charleston Aquarium.  Beware these little buggers while you’re visiting the beach this summer, their sting can knock you for a loop.  In doing a couple of searches for more info about them, I think I may have developed a fear of the ocean.   They can be dangerous…deadly even.  The difficult thing is that in most cases you don’t even know they’re there until you’ve already been stung.  I’ve never ran into one myself, but we think our son Kellen brushed against one and was stung last summer.  He became quite sick for a short time and it gave us a real scare!   afs



I had flounder last night for dinner.  It made me think about a past family trip to the Georgia Aquarium where I first recall noticing how a flounder truly looks and about it’s habits.  I pretty much knew what a flounder looked like, their shape and size, and I had of course eaten them many time before.  What I had no idea about was the way they appear to lay on their sides on the bottom.  I now know that living on the bottom and blending in is the flounders way of protecting themselves against predators.

Weird, but interesting.  I remember watching the different types of flounder that day in a state of total fascination.  The logical part of my brain want to see that fish swimming upright like other fish do.  Did you know that they also have two eyes on one side of their bodies?  How is it that I don’t recall having known all this before this particular aquarium visit a few years ago?  I mean, really!   The flounder is the most common shallow water flatfish for goodness sakes.

I called upon Wikipedia to test my memories and to see what else I might learn about them.  Did you know that they are not actually born with two eyes on one side?  No!  One of their eyes migrates during their growth cycle.  Because I now know all of this about flounder, I better understand the meaning of the word “floundering” which is often used to describe awkward behavior.  The behavior of these fish sure is awkward to me!   afs


Tonight is family night at Camp Old Indian(COI).  We get to visit our son Kellen and have dinner with him and the rest of his troop and their families.  If I’m not mistaken, they also have some sort of ceremony and entertainment scheduled, but since this is our first time at COI, I’m not sure what that’s all about.  I’ll have to post a photo and explanation later.

What are my expectations of tonight?  Well, I’m expecting that they’ll be a crowd, as I’ve been told that there are over 400 scouts at camp this week and ALL their families will be coming.  I’m expecting to be HOT, because, well because it’s summer in the south.  I’m expecting that I won’t get home until bedtime.

And lastly, I’m also expecting to totally embarrass my son with the many hugs and kisses that I’ll be bestowing upon him when I see him.

He’ll get over it!   afs



When I came across this photo in one of my folders, it reminded me that we really need to plan another trip to Atlanta.  It’s been a couple of summers, but when we were last there we had such a good time at the Georgia Aquarium, at the World of Coke, and at the many other places that we visited.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE aquariums, and the World of Coke is now in a new location, so we certainly want to see the new one!

We enjoyed the synchronized music and light show of the Fountain of Rings at Centennial Olympic Park.  Kellen enjoyed it most of all, as he ran through the waters cooling himself on a hot summer night.  Yep, I think it time to go back.   This time, this place and this place will also be on my list of places to visit 😉

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