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A Parade is such fun!  Here are a few scenes from Anderson’s Christmas Parade, held December 6, 2009…

Hope Defined

Anderson County Library

Marching Bands


TaTa Queens

Westside Rams for AIM


Lots of folks with the express intent of helping others were spotted out and about on a recent Saturday in Anderson.  Some folks passed out food packages at a Manna Food Distribution event.  More than 50 volunteers representing the sponsor, Andersonville Baptist church, as well as volunteers from the Girl Scouts and Americorp, came out to package and distribute food itms like potatoes, juice, lettuce, pickles, snack items, and more to families experiencing food insecurity.  Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM) facilitates a distribution each month on the second Saturday through local church sponsorships. 

09-20-09 09-20-09 (1)

09-20-09 (2)

09-20-09 (3)

On the same Saturday, New Beginnings Ministries held a Community Day.  They invited local service agencies like AIM, the Anderson Free Clinic, Impact and others to set up informational tables for the benefit of the participants.  We all had an opportunity to meet people and to tell them about our agencies and programs.  The organizers made the day a fun experience for all.  They had music, fun games for the kids, free clothing and they even prepared lunch for everyone.  It was a great time for all and a wonderful way of serving the community.  New Beginnings Ministries is scheduled to host a Manna food Distribution through AIM in November.  I’m looking forward to it.

09-20-09 (4)

09-20-09 (5)

09-20-09 (6)

Lastly, the girls below asked to have their photo made, and Mom said it was fine.  They’re sisters who are both obviously quite photogenic.  The younger of the two, sporting the oh so fashionable pink boa, was SO excited.  She led me over to another sister so that I could show her the photo in my camera.  I’ve posted it here because…well, because it’s just too cute not to share!   afs

09-20-09 (7)

A homeless man recently died here in Anderson.  A friend of a friend.  It hurt to hear that this had happened.  It hurt even more to learn that he likely would be alive had he only been “rescued” hours earlier instead of “discovered” too late.  Unfortunately, homelessness lives in our own back yards.  Whether you see it or not in the course of your daily routes around town, it exists.  You might not recognize it if it doesn’t look like a tattered and tired “street” person sitting in a cardboard box under the viaduct.  Sometimes it takes another form.  Maybe it looks like a young Mother and her child who travels from family member to family member because she has no place to call her own.  Perhaps it’s the guy who sneaks back into work after everyone else leaves, so he will have a place to sleep.  Perhaps it’s someone you’ve passed on the street.  And you never knew.

Anderson University’s Baptist Campus Ministries teamed up with Family Promise to coordinate Homeless For The Homeless, an event to raise awareness and funds for homelessness in Anderson.  Family Promise is an organization committed to reducing homelessness for children and families in Anderson County by uniting local congregations through an Interfaith Hospitality Network to provide shelter, food, and the necessary tools needed for the families to regain their independence. 

The Homeless For The Homeless event began on Friday evening and ended on Saturday morning when Disaster relief of Spartanburg serves breakfast.  Overnight, participants lived the homeless experience…no electronics, no phones, no food.  Some slept indoors because of the rain, but some stayed outdoors as planned.  After all, homeless folks don’t have a choice when it rains.  While there, they took part in informational games on homelessness, fellowshipped with each other and worshipped together.  When “lights out” time came at midnight, it should have become even more real for them.  And quiet.  In their cardboard boxes.  Quiet enough to really think about what it’s like to be homeless and how they can help.  I pray they all had a rewarding experience and that they left in the morning even more fired up to fight homelessness!   afs

**also be sure to visit the Upstate Homeless Coalition’s site for more information on the state of homelessness in the upstate area of SC


participants as they begin to prepare their boxes for the night

09-18-09 extra

some of the many cardboard box homes for a night

09-18-09 extra1

organizer Russ Bennett and others as they film participants

09-18-09 extra2

participants as they were being filmed forming the word "HOPE"


Obviously my nephew Landon LOVES his ice cream.  And what lactose tolerate person wouldn’t!  After all, it’s cool, creamy, and filled with layer upon layer of delicious goodness.  Also obviously in the photo above, is the love that his mother Tasha (my sister) has for him!  

I learned this week that two downtown Anderson restaurants are closing because of the economy.  Sad!  But also a vivid reminder that we all need to support our local businesses at every opporunity.  Landon’s cotton candy ice cream is one of many flavors available in downtown Anderson at Koo Koo Ice Cream Depot, a great spot to visit with the family.  Read more about them in this previous post.   afs

09-06-09 extra

Meet Lucky, the newest member of our family.  We’ve all spent a lot of time this past week getting to know each other better.  Our other dog Spicey is having to make the most adjustment of us all.  She’s used to being not only the top dog, but the only dog.  She doesn’t seem to understand the concept of us multiplying our love, as she’d rather try her best to make us divide it between them.  She comes whether we call her or the puppy, seeking her share of whatever love there is to go around.  She’s a real love hog.

Lucky is too.  He’s also full of energy as are most healthy puppies and he like to play! play! play!  He’s forever underfoot, and it’s a wonder that he’s not been stepped on a time or two already.  He’s so small and mischevious and can slip into the smallest little hiding place.  He’s a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie), a herding breed, who came into this world nipping at everyone’s heels.  If you visit, please don’t expect that your shoes will stay tied for very long!

Kellen really loves his little puppy and they’ve already become fast friends!  They look cute together in today’s photo.  We all have plans to attend some training classes together soon so we will know best how to train him.  We’re a little challenged right now with the training of this little furball.  We’ve never had a puppy before, so it’s not something we’ve ever done before.  Which I guess puts us all on pretty even ground, since Lucky has never before been trained.   afs


** Note:  it appears that Metropolis has closed.  I’m terribly sorry to learn this, especially after trying them once and falling in love with their pizza.  Yet another reminder for us to take every opportunity to lend our patronage and support to our local businesses while they’re still around


We found ourselves this past Saturday in downtown Anderson with my dad, my sister, and her two sons who visiting from PA.  We went downtown specifically to try out one of our newer restaurants, Metropolis Pizzeria.  Not even half a second after taking my first bite of their ‘white pizza’, I had a “what took us so long” moment.  It was SuPeR YuMmY DeLiCiOuS!  Kellen and his cousin Larry each ordered and enjoyed a personal pizza, prepared their favorite way, and soon after the first, the second selection for the adults, called “All In” was delivered to the table.   Just as yummy! 

09-02-09 extra2

The owner, Devin Rubinstein, was the only employee on hand while we were there, but she handled everything in short order.  She took our orders, served our drinks, made our pizzas (she can toss that dough pretty high) and even brought some toys over to entertain my youngest nephew, Landon. 

If you haven’t already had the pleasure, I would highly recommend you take the time to visit Metropolis Pizzeria on the court square in downtown Anderson.  The ingredients are super fresh!  We know this becase we watched as Devin walked outside by the front door and snapped off some fresh basil to top off another couples pizza.  That couple, shown in the photo below with Devin, is Shayna Hollander of Shayna Bella Soaps and Fred Westerwelle of Fred’s Bread.  It was nice to meet them and to learn of their businesses that were both new to me.  I couldn’t find a link to more info on Fred’s Bread, so perhaps Fred will be in touch with a little more information after I email him.  I’ll let you know.   afs

09-02-09 extra3

Continuing today by posting more photos from my Mom’s garden in Pennsylvania.  The weather while we were there was so very pleasant.  Not too hot, not too humid…a nice breeze most days.  I think I do more gardening myself in that sort of weather and enjoy it (weeds and all).  Lots of nice things to look at in Mom’s garden, especially that last photo.  That’s a very special plant indeed!   afs


08-03-09 extra1

08-03-09 extra2

08-03-09 extra3

08-03-09 extra4

08-03-09 extra5

08-03-09 extra6

We got to share lots of time with the cute fellows pictured below during our trip to Pennsylvania.  The adults in our family are a little more sensitive about having their photos posted, so you’ll have to take my word for it that they’re all pretty cute too.    Landon (16mos) and Larry (8 years) are my sister’s children.  Sadly we don’t get to see them nearly often enough and they do a great deal of growing in between trips!


08-01-09 extra

Kellen spent time with his cousins, and with Gramma and Grampa’s dogs.  Here he shares a chair with Landon and Larry and another with CH Damingo Colt Forty Five, better known as Pistol.


08-01-09 extra1

He also spent LOTS of time with the new puppies.  Especially with Lucky!



07-05-09 extra

07-05-09 extra 2

07-05-09 extra 3

07-05-09 extra 4



07-05-09 extra 5




These folks are just a few of the hundreds who traveled to Camp Old Indian last night to visit their sons who are camping there this week.  Since it was “family night”, we all had an opportunity to get together and share some food, fun and fellowship with our scouts and members of their families.  We had a nice dinner that included some of KFC’s new grilled chicken (that’s good stuff!), corn on the cob and other great sides, and LOTS of fruit and great desserts.  I was fortunate enough to be one of the last to snag some banana pudding that was AWESOME!  I snapped this photo after dinner while we waited in the amphitheatre for the American Indian Dance Pageant to begin.

This second photo shows a traditional Indian eagle dance being demonstrated.  The final photo features some of the other costumed players that made the nights performance possble.  Thanks to all for a nice evening.  Thanks to God for keeping Kellen (and the other boys) safe and happy until they come home to us on Saturday!    afs

06-25-09 extra

06-25-09 extra2

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