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Today’s photo and commentary are only marginally related.  I’ve posted this photo before, back in February.  I wanted to post it again today because it matches my mood.  I’m feeling blue because the economy is bleak and people are hurting.  The unemployment rate is way up, job availability way down, and even families who have lived comfortably in the past are feeling the bite of this recession.  In Anderson, we’ve had at least four local restaurants close in the last month.  It’s disheartening to see this happen…to watch the demise of peoples life savings and their dreams.  And it saddens me to see even more people become unemployed.

If you follow this blog, you know that I work for a local non-profit agency called Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM).  Non-profits feel the bite of a tough economy too.  Although donations can go either up OR down in lean times, almost always peoples needs and requests for services rise.  And indeed they have risen!  At AIM, they are up 40% from last year, which was already up from the year before.

I work predominantly in the Hunger Ministries of AIM.  During the last two months we estimate that we’ve distributed food valued at $100,000.  We’ve seen nearly 1500 families through our food pantry and another 400 or more thorough Manna Distributions.  AIM’s Emergency Assistance program has spent $110,000 during this same two month period, helping people with needs such as rent, mortgage and utilities.  The Women And Children Suceeding program (WACS) has provided assistance in excess of $50,000.  This all totals up to a tremendous amount of money, and we find ourselves left with little to continue meeting the needs of those who need our services.

I’ve not lost faith though, and neither has Kristi King-Brock, AIM’s Executive Director who says, “God has sustained and BLESSED this ministry for over 19 years and I have the faith that God will continue to bless AIM.  However, we need your help.  Please pray for AIM, please give and ask others to give.”

Visit our website to learn about how you can help.  Call 864-226-CARE (2273) to speak with someone about how you can make a difference in the lives of hurting families.   afs

Oh BTW, today’s photo is of a portion of the stadium at Clemson University.  I originally named the photo “Moon Over Death Valley”.  Although it obviously does not feature a human face, it nicely portrays the face of this well-known and well-loved stadium.  I hope it counts, because I’ve entered it today in a photo challenge over at I ♥ Faces.  Take a moment to go check out my entry (#551) and all of the other “blue” themed entries.   And please, wish me luck!   😉


07-04-09 extra

Pretty (and patriotic) front entrance of a neighbors home.  I love the red door and the simple holiday decoration.   I’m wishing you all a wonderful holiday surrounded by your favorite people.   afs


I like the softly blurred effect of this shot of Atlanta’s skyline at night.  I consider it a nice mistake.  It was taken from our hotel room balcony on the same trip as the photo from yesterday’s post.  Not all my mistakes make it to the recycling bin!   afs



When I came across this photo in one of my folders, it reminded me that we really need to plan another trip to Atlanta.  It’s been a couple of summers, but when we were last there we had such a good time at the Georgia Aquarium, at the World of Coke, and at the many other places that we visited.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE aquariums, and the World of Coke is now in a new location, so we certainly want to see the new one!

We enjoyed the synchronized music and light show of the Fountain of Rings at Centennial Olympic Park.  Kellen enjoyed it most of all, as he ran through the waters cooling himself on a hot summer night.  Yep, I think it time to go back.   This time, this place and this place will also be on my list of places to visit 😉

See these GREAT and BEAUTIFUL TracyJoy camera bags?  Well, the I Heart Faces photography blog is giving one away!  Go and check them out for yourself!


button - silhouettes

You might remember this photo from a couple of months back.  I originally posted it on March 9.  I’m posting it again here today because I’m entering it into a weekly photo contest  at “I Heart Faces”  photo blog site.  It’s my first attempt at entering one of their weekly competitions, so say a prayer and wish me luck!  If you’d like to check out my photo and the other silhouette photos in this weeks contest, you can click the icon link above and go directly to the site.


I find that I keep going back to look at this photo.  There’s nothing much special about it but I find the silhouettes fascinating!  This couple was walking their dog across one of the dikes on the Clemson University campus as the sun was setting behind them.  I usually don’t do much in the way of editing, but I did crop this one some.  Even in it’s original size, the fact the man was wearing his cap backwards really stood out to me.  afs





















It was a bit noisy on our street on Friday evening as my husband James and our neighbor Kent simultaneously battled lawn debris with their leaf blowers.  I snapped them as they worked away, trying to get their work done before the predicted Saturday rain.  These two hard-working guys are very lawn-conscious and do their part each week to keep the street looking good.  Way to go guys…on behalf of your wives and the neighborhood, thank you!    afs

 04-28-091Looking through my archived photo files I found this beautiful Harbor Island SC sunrise from a few years back and wanted to share it here.  I live in the Upstate of South Carolina, but I love the Lowcountry area of our state in a BIG way!  The nature, the beauty, the sense of peace that surrounds me when I get close enough to smell the salt marsh all combine to make me most happy each time I’m able to go.  I love making my home in Anderson, but consider the Lowcountry to be my OTHER happy place.   afs


If you’re not familiar with the area you can learn more by visiting the following links…


Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM) held it’s 3rd Annual Golf Tournament at Thornblade yesterday.  Rain was forecast, so many who were anticipating this event were holding their breath and saying extra prayers.  Prayers were answered as the rain for the most part held back and allowed play on the beautiful course at Thornblade.  I came out for the morning to help where I could, and to take a few photos.
One of the teams in action

Hard at play!

Teams head out onto the course.

Teams head out onto the course.

Like many others, I follow the photo blogging of Denton Harryman from Greenville Daily Photo, and invited him to join us as a volunteer photographer.  I looked forward to meeting him and was thrilled when he responded that he would be happy to participate in our event.  In my opionion, it’s always great to have more than one photographic perspective at an event such as this.  I only regret that I had to leave rather early in the afternoon, so I missed spending any time getting to know him, as well as interacting with other AIM volunteers, staff and tournament players.

Special thanks to event sponsors, and the many others who contributed to the success of this event!  The time, effort, and funds you put into this will be paid back into the Anderson community through the programs of service that AIM offers to families in need.     afs

Thornblade is a beautiful course!

Thornblade is a beautiful course!


04-13-09While in Hilton Head, we visited Harbour Town in the Sea Pines area so that we could see the lighthouse there.  We ate dinner close-by at the Crazy Crab.  James and I both had seafood platters that were VERY good! 

One thing that really stood out to me was the utilization of bicycles on the island.  I’ve been to places with bike paths before, but never have I seen them so well utilized as on Hilton Head.  Although we didn’t rent any this trip, we decided that next time we have to go with the flow and get on the bicycle band-wagon!

Now, James and Kellen did rent some banana bikes at the beach and used them to race on the shoreline.  What a shame that I have no photos of that!  I guess I should tell you that Kellen won.  🙂

From our vantage point at the Crowne Plaza where we stayed, we could see the daily maintenance and cleaning of the rental bikes that they provide.  They were well cared for as you can see here.   afs



On such a cold, dreary day as yesterday, I found myself thinking of warmth and longing to feel warm sand between my toes.  I even went back to look at some photos from past beach trips.  I found this bird that I had snapped while experimenting with the sepia color option of my old point and shoot digital camera.  I don’t much like that tone for this photo, simply using black and white might have been better, but I do like the bird itself and it’s shadow.

Hopefully, warm spring-like weather will soon be back (to stay).   Have a Happy Sunday!   afs

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