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Back a few weeks ago when the acorns first began to fall, my husband and son found this perfect one and brought it in to show me.  I began to play around with my camera to see if I might capture a bit of its beauty and perfection.  Well, perhaps I didn’t get the photo that I was looking for, but when I examined this shot and noticed the shadow, it immediately gave me comfort.

Much like the way the shadow is larger than life for the acorn, I know that God is ever-present and larger than can be imagined!   afs


“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace.  God is awake.”     ~Victor Hugo






Create in me a pure heart, o God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.               ~Psalm 51:10

Everyday Eclecticism turns one today!  Blogging has been a wonderful experience.  I’ve met new friends, gained much knowledge, and had a great time.  I started out with a goal of posting a photo a day.  Although the rigors of everyday life have occasionally prevented me from adhering perfectly to this goal, I have been able to share more than 450 photos in 317 posts since the 23rd of August, 2008.  Doesn’t that ‘technically’ mean that I surpassed my goal?  I’d like to think so!  🙂

To celebrate this FIRST BLOGIVERSARY, I’m sharing the first photo I posted on August 23, 2008, and several other of my favorites from the past year. You can see all my photos by visiting the archives to the left.   afs










Gods Watering Can

God is the gardener of your heart
His watering can, plays a vital part
He watches over them as they grow
When spiritual healing waters flow
Watering your flowers every day
Brings a colour of beautiful display
Beams of Spiritual light & love shine
On the garden of your heart divine
Their beauty and love they share
Sweet fragrance pervades the air
Flowers angels water with loving care
Yes in answer to some one prayer
Healing thoughts they send your way
Happiness, Sunshine to fill each day
God answers your prayers right away
To those people who unto him do Pray

             Reginald F. Horton


08-13-09 extra1

08-13-09 extra2

08-13-09 extra3

08-13-09 extra4

08-13-09 extra5

Today’s colors represent the end of the rainbow not covered in yesterday’s post.  G (green), B (blue), I (indigo), and V (violet).  Less vibrant than the R (red), O (orange), Y (yellow) end of the spectrum, but none the less as lovely.     afs



08-12-09 extra1


08-12-09 extra2


I must be getting pretty old, because time is lapping me.  IT FLIES!!  I can’t believe that it’s been six days since my last post.  Of course I knew I was behind, but SIX DAYS??  It seems that I really let life get in the way of blogging this week.

To get back on track I’ve been looking through my recent photos.  In many of them, the main thing to jump out at me are the colors.  I’ve selected a few to post here today that clearly spell summertime to me.  As I stand back and look at them they perfectly represent the R.O.Y. (red orange yellow) section of a summer rainbow.   I hope you’re enjoying the colors of your summer! 

I’ll be spending the next little looking for more shots so we can complete the G.B.I.V. (green blue indigo violet) sections of that rainbow tomorrow!     afs

Continuing today by posting more photos from my Mom’s garden in Pennsylvania.  The weather while we were there was so very pleasant.  Not too hot, not too humid…a nice breeze most days.  I think I do more gardening myself in that sort of weather and enjoy it (weeds and all).  Lots of nice things to look at in Mom’s garden, especially that last photo.  That’s a very special plant indeed!   afs


08-03-09 extra1

08-03-09 extra2

08-03-09 extra3

08-03-09 extra4

08-03-09 extra5

08-03-09 extra6

Everywhere I turned in Mama’s garden I saw something that I wanted to photograph.  She (and I suppose Dad helped) has put alot of time, effort and love into each and every corner.  I’m posting several photos today and will share some more garden shots tomorrow in ‘part two’.   Looking again at these photos I’m filled with regret for not spending more time freshing up my own garden this year.  I suppose there’s still time for me to add some pretty touches here and there.  The question is, HOW DO I muster up the energy to work outside in the heat and humidity of the dog days of summer?


08-02-09 extra

08-02-09 extra2

08-02-09 extra3

08-02-09 extra4

08-02-09 extra5


One White Rock

One Black Rock

One maple Leaf

One Oak Leaf (no Oaks in sight, so we were brought another Maple leaf)

One Duck Feather

One Black walnut

One Clover (extra points for 4 leafs)

One Purple Leaf

One Red Flower

All of the scavenger list items were found in a short few minutes.  We thought it would keep a couple of bored kids happily occupied for a little while.  It turns out that “little” was the operative word.  Next time we’ll have to put more time and thought into planning the hunt if we want it to last longer!   afs


I live in an old house in one of Anderson’s newest desginated historic districts.  This old house has the most dated aluminum screen door on our side porch.  It’s nice having an enclosed porch, but it could sure use an upgrade to fit into this century!  The porch is an all weather aluminum job with windows, so unless we do a complete overhaul, it would look silly to replace the door only.  I can’t even imagine they sell “silver” colored aluminum doors anymore…do they?   At least I’ve never seen any in the home improvment stores when I’ve looked for them.  I suppose you can order just about anything you need though, right?

Anyway, in an attempt to camouflage the dated door, I try to keep some decorative wreath on it.  The wreath above is a simple summer one that will hopefully hold up to the weather for a couple of months until I find or make something for the fall/winter months.  I think I want to weave some ivy over the aluminum underneath the wreath.   I did this before and really liked it and I think this simple wreath could use that green behind it.  Before I try my hand at anything else though I’ve got to let my fingers heal, as these daisies are responsible for my burning several of my fingers today.  You see, I chose to use my “old school” HOT glue gun rather than the cooler little mini one that I have somewhere.  Guess which one I’ll be sure to find and use next time?!?

The photo below shows how the door looked before the switch.  That wreath lasted much longer than it should have, since it went up last fall.  It had strted to come down bit by bit over the last few weeks and was begging to be replaced.   afs

07-19-09 extra

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