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“It is the HEART that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.” Henry Ward Beecher

Photo of  heart found in a pattern of snow on our patio bricks.

February 13, 2010



I’m afraid that today’s post truly lives up to the “eclecticism” part of this blog name.   Searching around for some inspiration for commentary to go with photo, I learned some rather interesting new bubble gum trivia.  I hope you don’t my sharing it with you here.

Did you know…

…that the energy Americans expend everyday chewing bubble gum could light a city of 10 million people for a day?

…that bubble gum was included in ration kits of soldiers serving in WWII?

…that studies have shown that chewing gum helps people to concentrate?  (Really?)

…that chewing gum helps improve memory?!  (If only I could REMEMBER to chew more gum!)

…that thousands of years before gum was invented, people of all cultures enjoyed chewing on gums, resins, and latex secretions of plants.   YUM 😛

Well, I’m sure that’s way more than you needed (or even wanted) to know about gum.  Today’s photo was taken outside of Gattytown in Greenville when we took Kellen and a friend recently.  It’s just one of the many fun and colorful things that I snapped that day.   afs

 Resources:  WikiAnswers;   All About Stuff;   GumAssociation



Create in me a pure heart, o God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.               ~Psalm 51:10

We recently caught our brave little dog Spicey in a battle with an alligator.  As you can imagine, we had quite the scare.  However, as you can see in this series of photos, she fought the good fight and had that gator belly up and counted out in record time.  I feel safe and secure with such a fierce little battle warrior living in my home and devoted to me!   afs


08-14-09 extra

08-14-09 extra2

We enjoyed our recent trip to Pennsylvania!  My sister and her family lives in Pittsburgh and we stayed with my parents who live less than an hour away.  We spent lots of time with the family and visited one of our favorite places in Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Science Center.   


Pittsburgh cityscape

07-31-09 extra

Carnegie Science Center

07-31-09 extra1

New Exhibit: RoboWorld

07-31-09 extra2

Mom shoots some fish

07-31-09 extra3

Tasha and Landon enjoy some climbing

07-31-09 extra4

Kellen and James work on robotics


One White Rock

One Black Rock

One maple Leaf

One Oak Leaf (no Oaks in sight, so we were brought another Maple leaf)

One Duck Feather

One Black walnut

One Clover (extra points for 4 leafs)

One Purple Leaf

One Red Flower

All of the scavenger list items were found in a short few minutes.  We thought it would keep a couple of bored kids happily occupied for a little while.  It turns out that “little” was the operative word.  Next time we’ll have to put more time and thought into planning the hunt if we want it to last longer!   afs


These folks are just a few of the hundreds who traveled to Camp Old Indian last night to visit their sons who are camping there this week.  Since it was “family night”, we all had an opportunity to get together and share some food, fun and fellowship with our scouts and members of their families.  We had a nice dinner that included some of KFC’s new grilled chicken (that’s good stuff!), corn on the cob and other great sides, and LOTS of fruit and great desserts.  I was fortunate enough to be one of the last to snag some banana pudding that was AWESOME!  I snapped this photo after dinner while we waited in the amphitheatre for the American Indian Dance Pageant to begin.

This second photo shows a traditional Indian eagle dance being demonstrated.  The final photo features some of the other costumed players that made the nights performance possble.  Thanks to all for a nice evening.  Thanks to God for keeping Kellen (and the other boys) safe and happy until they come home to us on Saturday!    afs

06-25-09 extra

06-25-09 extra2


Not sure what  kind of bird this is, but I caught him (her) hanging out on a street corner in my neighborhood.  The urge to snap the bird was too much for me to resist, so lucky for me I had my camera with me.  Lucky too that there was no traffic, since I stopped in mid-turn to take the photo from my car.  Can you identify this bird?   afs


Even though it’s shadowed, I wanted to post this photo.  If it wouldn’t be a perfect fit in the dictionary by the word “anticipation”, I’m not sure what would!  My husband James snapped this shot of dear Eva as she waits for the water to rise in her family’s new pool.  The pool engulfs her, yet she’s more than ready (and prepared with her floatie) to ride the first wave.

I’m sure that they’ll be lots of good times this summer in this new cool spot in the world!    afs

In a follow up to yesterday’s post, our busy week ended with an awards recognition and graduation ceremony on Thursday followed by class parties.  In addition to his certificate of completion, Kellen received recognition for being a part of the news team and the peer mediation team, and for receiving more A’s than B’s for the year (yes, he made the honor roll each nine weeks!)   The school really went all out in planning this program.  I only wish that I had taken some tissues with me!  Yes, I cried as my son and his class graduated fifth grade.  I imagine the floodgates will REALLY rise in 2016 when this same class graduates from high school.

Congratulations to all the students and MANY thanks to the administration, faculty and staff of Calhoun Academy of the Arts for all you have done to prepare them for the future.  Here are some photos from the graduation… 


06-07-09 extra

06-07-09 extra1

06-07-09 extra2

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