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I’m afraid that today’s post truly lives up to the “eclecticism” part of this blog name.   Searching around for some inspiration for commentary to go with photo, I learned some rather interesting new bubble gum trivia.  I hope you don’t my sharing it with you here.

Did you know…

…that the energy Americans expend everyday chewing bubble gum could light a city of 10 million people for a day?

…that bubble gum was included in ration kits of soldiers serving in WWII?

…that studies have shown that chewing gum helps people to concentrate?  (Really?)

…that chewing gum helps improve memory?!  (If only I could REMEMBER to chew more gum!)

…that thousands of years before gum was invented, people of all cultures enjoyed chewing on gums, resins, and latex secretions of plants.   YUM 😛

Well, I’m sure that’s way more than you needed (or even wanted) to know about gum.  Today’s photo was taken outside of Gattytown in Greenville when we took Kellen and a friend recently.  It’s just one of the many fun and colorful things that I snapped that day.   afs

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Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM) held it’s 3rd Annual Golf Tournament at Thornblade yesterday.  Rain was forecast, so many who were anticipating this event were holding their breath and saying extra prayers.  Prayers were answered as the rain for the most part held back and allowed play on the beautiful course at Thornblade.  I came out for the morning to help where I could, and to take a few photos.
One of the teams in action

Hard at play!

Teams head out onto the course.

Teams head out onto the course.

Like many others, I follow the photo blogging of Denton Harryman from Greenville Daily Photo, and invited him to join us as a volunteer photographer.  I looked forward to meeting him and was thrilled when he responded that he would be happy to participate in our event.  In my opionion, it’s always great to have more than one photographic perspective at an event such as this.  I only regret that I had to leave rather early in the afternoon, so I missed spending any time getting to know him, as well as interacting with other AIM volunteers, staff and tournament players.

Special thanks to event sponsors, and the many others who contributed to the success of this event!  The time, effort, and funds you put into this will be paid back into the Anderson community through the programs of service that AIM offers to families in need.     afs

Thornblade is a beautiful course!

Thornblade is a beautiful course!


03-25-09We were in Greenville on Saturday and after listening to much begging, took Kellen to Gattitown for a late lunch.  James and I had other restaurant plans in mind, but as most parents do from time-to-time, we caved.  This place is certainly geared for the kids!  As I watched family after family enter, and one birthday party after another being celebrated, I could only wish that I had thought of this place first.

The food was fine, about what you’d expect on a buffet line.  The main attraction is not the food however, but the midway full of arcade games, virtual reality games, and carnival style games with prizes.  Although we insisted we would NOT stay for two full hours for him to use his entire time card, guess what happened?  We stayed two hours PLUS!  The things we do for our kids…all in the name of love!   afs


If you follow this blog, then you might know that I rambled around and took photographs last Saturday.  But what did James and Kellen (my husband and son) do?  They went to the “Monster Jam” in Greenville at the Bi-Lo center.  As I’m typing this they’ve both already gone to bed and I’m not sure which of them snapped this photo, so I’ll credit them both.

I was somewhat nervous about them going.  I wondered how strong the fumes would be and how loud the engines would be.  I was secretly glad that they were seated in the upper level, because I had read a news story online about a six year old having been killed in Tacoma Washington by flying debris.  A day or two after they went, we also heard about a promoter being killed at another location.  Thanks be to God that all was fine and that they enjoyed themselves during their father-son outing.

As I looked through their photos, I couldn’t help but wonder about the logistics of having an event such as this at the Bi-Lo Center?  HOW in the world do they move all of that dirt into and out of the building?   afs 


11-26-fu-manchu_edited2This face cracks me up!  I can’t remember what type of monkey this is, but he certainly has a mustache to be envied.

A note about Monday’s post…how wonderful that I indeed had a chance to use my umbrella!  The power of prayer is amazing.  Keep praying, we need MORE!   afs

11-13-two-headedContinuing with my “zoo” theme, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to get a shot of this rare two-headed giraffe.  😀



I found the coloring of these African Elephants interesting.  They closely resemble the outcropping of rock behind them, but they were more brown than gray.  I couldn’t help but wonder how much (if any) of their reddish coloring was embedded dirt?   afs


I thought that this lizard (called some kind of Skink, I think) looked rather prehistoric.  We found him on display in the reptile house at the Greenville Zoo.  His nice green color caught my attention.  For much of my life, shades of green have been included on my list of favorite colors.   afs


When’s the last time you saw a face that was this adorable?  While in Greenville last weekend, we visited the Zoo at Cleveland Park.  It was a nice outing.  This precious Red Panda stole my heart as he sat and nibbled on his afternoon snack.  Although he might look soft and cuddly, I couldn’t help but notice the claws that I’m sure he knows how to use when threatened.  I Googled “Red Panda” and learned that there are less than 2,500 mature individuals in existance today.  Sad.   afs


This lovely laughing lady and the colorful artwork behind her was displayed in a storefront window near Falls Park in Greenville.  All of the beautiful colors caught my eye and begged to be photographed.  It appears the lady was being held for someone.  Perhaps by now she’s been purchased and found herself moved to a new location.  I hope she’s still laughing in her new home.   afs

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