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Each time we drive between home and Pennsylvania, we cross over this amazing bridge.  It’s the New River Bridge in Fayetteville WV.   The New River Bridge, built across the river gorge is the largest steel-arch bridge in the United States.  I learned a couple of interesting facts about the bridge.  The bridge is the color of rust because it is made from Cor-ten steel, which literally forms a layer of surface rust that protects the inner steel fromo corroding and also  prevents the need for painting.  I’d hate to be a painter on THAT crew!  The other standout fact is the height of the bridge.  It stands 876 feet above the river, giving it the distinction of being the second highest bridge in the United States.  876 feet!  That was illustrated on the sign as being 20 feet taller than the Washington Monument with two (yes two) Statues of Liberty stacked on top! 

On October 17, Fayetteville will celebrate the 30th Anniversary Bridge Day Festival, which I learned is the largest festival in the state.  This event is all about jumping and rappelling from the bridge.  YIKES!  Acrophobics need not put this one their calendars!  In looking at the calendar of events for the festival, it looks like something I would love to see and experience.  Too bad we’ll not be passing through at the right time.  Thanks to James who took the photos from the lower observtion deck.  My creeky old knees asked me to avoid those 170+ steps to get to that level and back.  When my knees speak, I listen!   afs


from upper observation deck

08-04-09 extra

from lower observation deck

08-04-09 extra2

the original bridge from the new bridge

08-04-09 extra3

view into the gorge



I live in an old house in one of Anderson’s newest desginated historic districts.  This old house has the most dated aluminum screen door on our side porch.  It’s nice having an enclosed porch, but it could sure use an upgrade to fit into this century!  The porch is an all weather aluminum job with windows, so unless we do a complete overhaul, it would look silly to replace the door only.  I can’t even imagine they sell “silver” colored aluminum doors anymore…do they?   At least I’ve never seen any in the home improvment stores when I’ve looked for them.  I suppose you can order just about anything you need though, right?

Anyway, in an attempt to camouflage the dated door, I try to keep some decorative wreath on it.  The wreath above is a simple summer one that will hopefully hold up to the weather for a couple of months until I find or make something for the fall/winter months.  I think I want to weave some ivy over the aluminum underneath the wreath.   I did this before and really liked it and I think this simple wreath could use that green behind it.  Before I try my hand at anything else though I’ve got to let my fingers heal, as these daisies are responsible for my burning several of my fingers today.  You see, I chose to use my “old school” HOT glue gun rather than the cooler little mini one that I have somewhere.  Guess which one I’ll be sure to find and use next time?!?

The photo below shows how the door looked before the switch.  That wreath lasted much longer than it should have, since it went up last fall.  It had strted to come down bit by bit over the last few weeks and was begging to be replaced.   afs

07-19-09 extra

07-04-09 extra

Pretty (and patriotic) front entrance of a neighbors home.  I love the red door and the simple holiday decoration.   I’m wishing you all a wonderful holiday surrounded by your favorite people.   afs


I turned-in some books at the book drop at the Anderson County Library on Tuesday morning.  As I drove up to the drop box, I glanced to the left and noticed this pretty gate with an interesting brick wall with arched openings behind it.  It struck me that it might make a nice photo, but of course I was running late to work, and of course I did not have my camera with me.

Later, in the evening, after delivering Kellen to scouts, I drive back over to take a few shots and here are a couple of photos that nicely illustrate what I found.  Now, I knew that there was this children’s garden area at the library, but I can honestly say that I had never checked it out.  Frankly, I had all but forgotten about it.  As I photographed the gate, I noticed a couple of different surprises.  As you can see in the second photo, there’s one of the “Fish Out of Water” sculptures on display in the garden courtyard.  There’s also a bench behind the arched brick wall.  I couldn’t get into to courtyard from the outside where I was, as the gate was padlocked, and I did’t go inside the library on this particular day.  I enjoyed my little visit and I’m really glad that I noticed the gate and went back!       afs

06-10-09 extra

06-10-09 extra1


I’ve been watching the gradual decay of this building for years.  It’s not too terribly far from my neighborhood and is on a path that I travel either to or from work at least several times each week.  I’m not sure what business used to occupy this space, but with a name like “Eclectables”, I would venture to guess that it was an antique shop, a thrift store or a variety shop.  The name has fascinated me and may have even influenced me in choosing a name for this blog.  As you can see from the second photo, the letters in the shops sign have been whittled away by the elements.  This makes me think twice about the effects of acid rain!

The brick building itself looks secure as any fortress, but the doorways, as you can see are a little worse for wear.  Obviously no one wants into this building, because these sets of doors would certainly pose no obstacle to entry for anyone intent on getting inside.

The sign has always been the first thing to make me look at this building, but I’m also drawn to the faded and oxidized paint on the bricks.  The bricks, with some paint intact, some altogether missing, some flaking and some faded to just a shadow, really show me a lot of texture.  If I ever get serious and purchase Photo Shop, I plan to play around and use the last photo in some layering experiments.

05-31-09 extra

05-31-09 extra2

05-31-09 extra3









05-31-09 extra4


Fun, old 7-Up sign found on the side of a barn at Sadler’s Creek BBQ.   afs


While at Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill this past Sunday for the AIM Golf Sponsor Party & Auction, I couldn’t help but be drawn to admire the building’s ornamentation and charm.  I absolutely LOVE the way the white column details POP against the black beadboard ceiling in this shot.  afs

04-13-09While in Hilton Head, we visited Harbour Town in the Sea Pines area so that we could see the lighthouse there.  We ate dinner close-by at the Crazy Crab.  James and I both had seafood platters that were VERY good! 

One thing that really stood out to me was the utilization of bicycles on the island.  I’ve been to places with bike paths before, but never have I seen them so well utilized as on Hilton Head.  Although we didn’t rent any this trip, we decided that next time we have to go with the flow and get on the bicycle band-wagon!

Now, James and Kellen did rent some banana bikes at the beach and used them to race on the shoreline.  What a shame that I have no photos of that!  I guess I should tell you that Kellen won.  🙂

From our vantage point at the Crowne Plaza where we stayed, we could see the daily maintenance and cleaning of the rental bikes that they provide.  They were well cared for as you can see here.   afs



I took this photo at Kidventure, the playground at Chris Taylor Park.  It struck me as looking like a face.  This part of the structure is designed to be a boat, so I thought it funny that the painted water makes the face look rather seasick.

It’s Friday, the most anticipated day of the week for most working folks.  Even those of us who love our jobs look forward to Friday.  For me, it usually means that I can sleep until I naturally wake instead of being pulled from my slumber before I’m ready.  That’s exciting because I like to stay up late, but I also like to sleep late.

So, here’s to a Friday full of fulfillment, friends, fellowship, and FUN!  If this whimical character had a thought bubble above his head, I wonder what it might say?  If you’re up to a little Friday Fun, leave me a comment with your suggestion.   afs


I’m continuing today in my dream of warm sand, salty ocean breezes and the sounds of sea gulls.  No trip to the SC Lowcountry would be complete without visting Hunting Island State Park.  I love this place!

It’s very beautiful and natural, and when I’m there I always feel that I’m as close as I could be to being on my own private or ‘deserted’ island.  They have nature trails, a marsh boardwalk, native wildlife, fishing, camping and cabin rentals on the island.  There are also some private homes, some with the ocean coming nearly to the front door.  These can be rented also, just not through the state park.

Since I’ll surely never get an invite to Richard Branson’s private isle (and since I can’t afford to buy my way there), I’ve added renting one of the oceanfront private homes for a week (or more) to my bucket list.  The only thing is that I never plan far enough in advance to book one.  Dang, maybe 2010.

Anyhoo, this photo is the Hunting Island Lighthouse, of course.  Its the only lighthouse in SC that allows you to enter and climb to the top for a birds eye view of Hunting Island and surrounding area.  I recommend you go if you can.  We usually go at least once each year when we visit the Beaufort and Harbor Island area.

Here’s a couple of links where you can learn more about Hunting Island:


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