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Obviously my nephew Landon LOVES his ice cream.  And what lactose tolerate person wouldn’t!  After all, it’s cool, creamy, and filled with layer upon layer of delicious goodness.  Also obviously in the photo above, is the love that his mother Tasha (my sister) has for him!  

I learned this week that two downtown Anderson restaurants are closing because of the economy.  Sad!  But also a vivid reminder that we all need to support our local businesses at every opporunity.  Landon’s cotton candy ice cream is one of many flavors available in downtown Anderson at Koo Koo Ice Cream Depot, a great spot to visit with the family.  Read more about them in this previous post.   afs

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** Note:  it appears that Metropolis has closed.  I’m terribly sorry to learn this, especially after trying them once and falling in love with their pizza.  Yet another reminder for us to take every opportunity to lend our patronage and support to our local businesses while they’re still around


We found ourselves this past Saturday in downtown Anderson with my dad, my sister, and her two sons who visiting from PA.  We went downtown specifically to try out one of our newer restaurants, Metropolis Pizzeria.  Not even half a second after taking my first bite of their ‘white pizza’, I had a “what took us so long” moment.  It was SuPeR YuMmY DeLiCiOuS!  Kellen and his cousin Larry each ordered and enjoyed a personal pizza, prepared their favorite way, and soon after the first, the second selection for the adults, called “All In” was delivered to the table.   Just as yummy! 

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The owner, Devin Rubinstein, was the only employee on hand while we were there, but she handled everything in short order.  She took our orders, served our drinks, made our pizzas (she can toss that dough pretty high) and even brought some toys over to entertain my youngest nephew, Landon. 

If you haven’t already had the pleasure, I would highly recommend you take the time to visit Metropolis Pizzeria on the court square in downtown Anderson.  The ingredients are super fresh!  We know this becase we watched as Devin walked outside by the front door and snapped off some fresh basil to top off another couples pizza.  That couple, shown in the photo below with Devin, is Shayna Hollander of Shayna Bella Soaps and Fred Westerwelle of Fred’s Bread.  It was nice to meet them and to learn of their businesses that were both new to me.  I couldn’t find a link to more info on Fred’s Bread, so perhaps Fred will be in touch with a little more information after I email him.  I’ll let you know.   afs

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Everyday Eclecticism turns one today!  Blogging has been a wonderful experience.  I’ve met new friends, gained much knowledge, and had a great time.  I started out with a goal of posting a photo a day.  Although the rigors of everyday life have occasionally prevented me from adhering perfectly to this goal, I have been able to share more than 450 photos in 317 posts since the 23rd of August, 2008.  Doesn’t that ‘technically’ mean that I surpassed my goal?  I’d like to think so!  🙂

To celebrate this FIRST BLOGIVERSARY, I’m sharing the first photo I posted on August 23, 2008, and several other of my favorites from the past year. You can see all my photos by visiting the archives to the left.   afs









Today’s photo was shot by my son Kellen.  Very quickly he noticed this ‘lovely’ snake behind me at a new mexican restaurant in town called El Arriero.  It’s located on North Main Street in Anderson where Capri’s Italian was for many years.  You might not recognize the building, as they’ve really added a punch of color to a once all white facade.  Lessie has shared another shot from inside the restaurant here at Anderson Daily Photo.  As far as the snake goes, I wasn’t anywhere near as as fascinated with it as Kellen was…even a fake snake can creep me out in a BIG way!   afs

BTW…the food was very tasty!!



I turned-in some books at the book drop at the Anderson County Library on Tuesday morning.  As I drove up to the drop box, I glanced to the left and noticed this pretty gate with an interesting brick wall with arched openings behind it.  It struck me that it might make a nice photo, but of course I was running late to work, and of course I did not have my camera with me.

Later, in the evening, after delivering Kellen to scouts, I drive back over to take a few shots and here are a couple of photos that nicely illustrate what I found.  Now, I knew that there was this children’s garden area at the library, but I can honestly say that I had never checked it out.  Frankly, I had all but forgotten about it.  As I photographed the gate, I noticed a couple of different surprises.  As you can see in the second photo, there’s one of the “Fish Out of Water” sculptures on display in the garden courtyard.  There’s also a bench behind the arched brick wall.  I couldn’t get into to courtyard from the outside where I was, as the gate was padlocked, and I did’t go inside the library on this particular day.  I enjoyed my little visit and I’m really glad that I noticed the gate and went back!       afs

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My family loves ice cream!  We each have our favorite places to go for this cold treat.  On Saturday, our son Kellen asked if we could go downtown to Koo Koo’s and Mom and Dad quickly jumped on board.  Koo Koo Ice Cream Depot, located on Benson, just next door to Anderson’s courthouse, is fun, colorful, and delicious.  I didn’t know until Saturdays trip that they serve Hershey’s Ice Cream.  I didn’t even know that Hershey made ice cream!

I chose a scoop of berry ice cream, Kellen decided to have a cone, and James went all out and had a banana split that is being made in the photo above.   It really looked good!  When you have your ice cream “in” at Koo Koo’s, they serve you in pretty glass ice cream dishes.  I think that’s a nice touch! 

They have lots to look at while you visit with them, and an entertainment area with toys for young children.  They also have lots of colorful candy treats lining their shelves that tempt you as you enjoy your ice cream.  We even spotted some chocolates featuring the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) logos on them!

As you can see from the photo of their sign, Koo’s Koo’s was once the location of Dickson’s Ice Cream Co., which dates back to the 1950’s.     afs

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I got together with Lessie on Saturday for some photo trekking and some lunch.  While out and about, we went down to the Anderson Arts Center to (hopefully) take a look at the art on display in Bay 3 Artisan Gallery that’s located there.  Unfortunately we found the gallery closed, but we did get to see and talk with Darlene and Carolyn, who are both members of the Anderson County Chapter of the SC Genealogical SocietyWhat interesting work they do!  In the photo shown above, Lessie chats with Carolyn about the families that she’s currently researching and logging.

In a side note, Carolyn was fascinated with learning more about our blogs and looked us up and bookmarked us while we were there.  I certainly hope that she checks back to find that I’ve featured her here in today’s post!

In addition to housing the geneology office, The Anderson Arts Center is also home to Anderson Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, a wealth of information about Anderson!  I picked up some brochures while I was there, one detailing upcoming events and another offering a list of “32 Ways to Have Fun Without Spending a Dime”.  My family and I will be taking a look at this list and making a point of visiting some of the places that we’ve not already visited or that we’re not already familiar with.  There’s a link to this handout on the website listed above, but it was broken when I clicked on it.  I did report it though, so perhaps they’ll get it repaired so you too can explore some inexpensive ways to spend time in Anderson this summer.  However you choose to spend your time….make it fun and spend it with those that you love.   afs


Some people think I’ve been posting too many flowers.  Can you imagine?  Too many flowers?  I know…it does sounds absurd, doesn’t it!  Oh well, how’s this for moving onto another subject? 

Anderson is blessed with quite a few really good meat and three restaurants.  One of the most well known and loved is Mama Penn’s.   We picked up take out a week or so ago.  This was my selection…not the most healthy I know, but good!  I had chicken fingers, mac and cheese, steamed cabbage, and fried green tomatoes.  They offer biscuits or cornbread and we always choose the biscuits.  As you can see from the picture, it’s quite a dinner.  I passed on my bread, but enjoyed the other items immensly.  The fried green tomatoes were especially good!   Their ice tea rocks too!

…and for dessert…

05-15-09 extra

Although we didn’t enjoy these both on the same night, we often like to visit Ritas for a cool treat.  Their delicious italian ice can really take the bite out of the HOTTEST day!   afs

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy today’s photo and if you have time, scroll down to see previous photos dating back to August of 2008. Nothing fancy, just everyday bits of my life and the lives of those around me. Please say hello or leave your comments by clicking “comments” above any photo. I post a new photo every day, so bookmark me and visit often!

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