I play Bunco with a fun group of ladies.  We’re the “Girls Gone Bunco” and we always have a great time when we get together.  We have more than 30 players in our membership, and typically, 16-20 of us will play each month.  We each bring money for the prize pot and something delish to share.

We start the night with food and fellowship, play two rounds, have dessert, then finish with a third round and prize distributions.

Bunco is a dice-rolling game played in teams of two with two teams at each table.  One team moves after each number rolls (usually the losing team).  I heard Bunco described once as a cross between Yahtzee and musical chairs…throw in lots of laughs and that sounds about right!



We welcome new players.  If you’re in Anderson and would like to join us one month, then let us know you’re interested.