We were scheduled to be at the beach this weekend, but changed our plans to go another weekend soon.  We’ve been really busy running lots of errands, picking up last minute items before the start of school, and preparing for a community yard sale next weekend.  We’ve been so busy in fact, that I’m having a bit of remorse about our decision and am wishing that we were lounging in the sun on the beach, or perhaps sipping a cocktail on the deck of a seaside cottage with our only delimma being to decide what type of seafood we’d like to have for dinner. 

Hence today’s photos from past trips to one of our favorite areas of the South Carolina Low Country, Hunting Island and Harbor Island.  I’m allowing myself to travel back for a short visit after all….if only in my mind.   afs


08-15-09 extra

08-15-09 extra2

08-15-09 extra3

08-15-09 extra4

08-15-09 extra5