Each time we drive between home and Pennsylvania, we cross over this amazing bridge.  It’s the New River Bridge in Fayetteville WV.   The New River Bridge, built across the river gorge is the largest steel-arch bridge in the United States.  I learned a couple of interesting facts about the bridge.  The bridge is the color of rust because it is made from Cor-ten steel, which literally forms a layer of surface rust that protects the inner steel fromo corroding and also  prevents the need for painting.  I’d hate to be a painter on THAT crew!  The other standout fact is the height of the bridge.  It stands 876 feet above the river, giving it the distinction of being the second highest bridge in the United States.  876 feet!  That was illustrated on the sign as being 20 feet taller than the Washington Monument with two (yes two) Statues of Liberty stacked on top! 

On October 17, Fayetteville will celebrate the 30th Anniversary Bridge Day Festival, which I learned is the largest festival in the state.  This event is all about jumping and rappelling from the bridge.  YIKES!  Acrophobics need not put this one their calendars!  In looking at the calendar of events for the festival, it looks like something I would love to see and experience.  Too bad we’ll not be passing through at the right time.  Thanks to James who took the photos from the lower observtion deck.  My creeky old knees asked me to avoid those 170+ steps to get to that level and back.  When my knees speak, I listen!   afs


from upper observation deck

08-04-09 extra

from lower observation deck

08-04-09 extra2

the original bridge from the new bridge

08-04-09 extra3

view into the gorge