I live in an old house in one of Anderson’s newest desginated historic districts.  This old house has the most dated aluminum screen door on our side porch.  It’s nice having an enclosed porch, but it could sure use an upgrade to fit into this century!  The porch is an all weather aluminum job with windows, so unless we do a complete overhaul, it would look silly to replace the door only.  I can’t even imagine they sell “silver” colored aluminum doors anymore…do they?   At least I’ve never seen any in the home improvment stores when I’ve looked for them.  I suppose you can order just about anything you need though, right?

Anyway, in an attempt to camouflage the dated door, I try to keep some decorative wreath on it.  The wreath above is a simple summer one that will hopefully hold up to the weather for a couple of months until I find or make something for the fall/winter months.  I think I want to weave some ivy over the aluminum underneath the wreath.   I did this before and really liked it and I think this simple wreath could use that green behind it.  Before I try my hand at anything else though I’ve got to let my fingers heal, as these daisies are responsible for my burning several of my fingers today.  You see, I chose to use my “old school” HOT glue gun rather than the cooler little mini one that I have somewhere.  Guess which one I’ll be sure to find and use next time?!?

The photo below shows how the door looked before the switch.  That wreath lasted much longer than it should have, since it went up last fall.  It had strted to come down bit by bit over the last few weeks and was begging to be replaced.   afs

07-19-09 extra