These scouts from Boy Scout Troop 215 recently did a good turn for Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM) and for hungry families in Anderson County.  They coordinated a service project outside of the Sam’s Club in Anderson, where they solicited food donations and funds to purchase food items.  In a matter of about 8 hours over the two days, these boys collected more than $700 in donations!  Late on Thursday afternoon, they went inside the store with the money that they had collected and took turns shopping for nutritious foods and other items on AIM’s needs list.  AIM is able to submit the receipts from their food purchases to a hunger fund sponsir for a $300 matching grant, making the total of these scouts efforts equal more than $1,000!   What a blessing for the many families that find themselves needing to request food assistance from the food pantry at Anderson Interfaith Ministries.

As a Mom of one of these scouts and an AIM staff member, I am very proud of these boys!!  They planned and implemented an amazing community service project, representing themselves, their troop, their families, and their community with respect, courtesy, and compassion for those less fortunate.  Way to go boys!   afs