When was the last time you hung your laundry out to dry on one of these?  I can honestly say that I’ve not used one as an adult.  I remember that my Mom would hang our laundry out dry when I was a kid.  I also recall that the items dried outside in the fresh air and sunshine always had a distinct crispness and fresh, outdoorsy (is that even a word) fragrance.

The thought of hanging out the laundry does take me back to a simpler time.  Perhaps in light of current economic woes,  we might consider revisiting this energy efficient way of drying our laundry.   I’m considering, but I’ve got to say that high on my list of “cons” is that I live in the city of Anderson, underneath LOTS of trees.  Trees that are visited by LOTS of birds.  Birds who quite frankly don’t care where they go if you know what I mean.  I fear I would be doing even more laundry than usual if I used a line in my yard.   afs