I had flounder last night for dinner.  It made me think about a past family trip to the Georgia Aquarium where I first recall noticing how a flounder truly looks and about it’s habits.  I pretty much knew what a flounder looked like, their shape and size, and I had of course eaten them many time before.  What I had no idea about was the way they appear to lay on their sides on the bottom.  I now know that living on the bottom and blending in is the flounders way of protecting themselves against predators.

Weird, but interesting.  I remember watching the different types of flounder that day in a state of total fascination.  The logical part of my brain want to see that fish swimming upright like other fish do.  Did you know that they also have two eyes on one side of their bodies?  How is it that I don’t recall having known all this before this particular aquarium visit a few years ago?  I mean, really!   The flounder is the most common shallow water flatfish for goodness sakes.

I called upon Wikipedia to test my memories and to see what else I might learn about them.  Did you know that they are not actually born with two eyes on one side?  No!  One of their eyes migrates during their growth cycle.  Because I now know all of this about flounder, I better understand the meaning of the word “floundering” which is often used to describe awkward behavior.  The behavior of these fish sure is awkward to me!   afs