In a follow up to yesterday’s post, our busy week ended with an awards recognition and graduation ceremony on Thursday followed by class parties.  In addition to his certificate of completion, Kellen received recognition for being a part of the news team and the peer mediation team, and for receiving more A’s than B’s for the year (yes, he made the honor roll each nine weeks!)   The school really went all out in planning this program.  I only wish that I had taken some tissues with me!  Yes, I cried as my son and his class graduated fifth grade.  I imagine the floodgates will REALLY rise in 2016 when this same class graduates from high school.

Congratulations to all the students and MANY thanks to the administration, faculty and staff of Calhoun Academy of the Arts for all you have done to prepare them for the future.  Here are some photos from the graduation… 


06-07-09 extra

06-07-09 extra1

06-07-09 extra2