The weekly contest at I Heart Faces is on and I’m once again submitting an entry.  The theme this week for the kid’s face shot is “Happy Birthday”.  The photo that I’m submitting below is one of our son Kellen on the day of his 10th birthday party.  I love his expression!



It seems that most weeks, I Heart Faces has two categories and this week is no different.  The second theme for this week is “Anything Goes – Pets”.  The photo that I’m submitting for this category is of one of our dog Spicey.  Spicey is a mixed breed dog that we adopted a few years back from our local animal shelter.  The photo was taken at Christmas time and I think it’s a fabulous photo of her!

If you’d like to take a look at some of the other entries, you can click on either of the I Heart Faces boxes above or follow one of the links in this post.  Thanks for looking!!   afs