I’ve been watching the gradual decay of this building for years.  It’s not too terribly far from my neighborhood and is on a path that I travel either to or from work at least several times each week.  I’m not sure what business used to occupy this space, but with a name like “Eclectables”, I would venture to guess that it was an antique shop, a thrift store or a variety shop.  The name has fascinated me and may have even influenced me in choosing a name for this blog.  As you can see from the second photo, the letters in the shops sign have been whittled away by the elements.  This makes me think twice about the effects of acid rain!

The brick building itself looks secure as any fortress, but the doorways, as you can see are a little worse for wear.  Obviously no one wants into this building, because these sets of doors would certainly pose no obstacle to entry for anyone intent on getting inside.

The sign has always been the first thing to make me look at this building, but I’m also drawn to the faded and oxidized paint on the bricks.  The bricks, with some paint intact, some altogether missing, some flaking and some faded to just a shadow, really show me a lot of texture.  If I ever get serious and purchase Photo Shop, I plan to play around and use the last photo in some layering experiments.

05-31-09 extra

05-31-09 extra2

05-31-09 extra3









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