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button - silhouettes

You might remember this photo from a couple of months back.  I originally posted it on March 9.  I’m posting it again here today because I’m entering it into a weekly photo contest  at “I Heart Faces”  photo blog site.  It’s my first attempt at entering one of their weekly competitions, so say a prayer and wish me luck!  If you’d like to check out my photo and the other silhouette photos in this weeks contest, you can click the icon link above and go directly to the site.


I find that I keep going back to look at this photo.  There’s nothing much special about it but I find the silhouettes fascinating!  This couple was walking their dog across one of the dikes on the Clemson University campus as the sun was setting behind them.  I usually don’t do much in the way of editing, but I did crop this one some.  Even in it’s original size, the fact the man was wearing his cap backwards really stood out to me.  afs