I got together with Lessie on Saturday for some photo trekking and some lunch.  While out and about, we went down to the Anderson Arts Center to (hopefully) take a look at the art on display in Bay 3 Artisan Gallery that’s located there.  Unfortunately we found the gallery closed, but we did get to see and talk with Darlene and Carolyn, who are both members of the Anderson County Chapter of the SC Genealogical SocietyWhat interesting work they do!  In the photo shown above, Lessie chats with Carolyn about the families that she’s currently researching and logging.

In a side note, Carolyn was fascinated with learning more about our blogs and looked us up and bookmarked us while we were there.  I certainly hope that she checks back to find that I’ve featured her here in today’s post!

In addition to housing the geneology office, The Anderson Arts Center is also home to Anderson Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, a wealth of information about Anderson!  I picked up some brochures while I was there, one detailing upcoming events and another offering a list of “32 Ways to Have Fun Without Spending a Dime”.  My family and I will be taking a look at this list and making a point of visiting some of the places that we’ve not already visited or that we’re not already familiar with.  There’s a link to this handout on the website listed above, but it was broken when I clicked on it.  I did report it though, so perhaps they’ll get it repaired so you too can explore some inexpensive ways to spend time in Anderson this summer.  However you choose to spend your time….make it fun and spend it with those that you love.   afs