Our son Kellen likes color.  Nowhere is it more obvious than in his bedroom.  He chose bright red, blue and yellow.  He would have liked another color too, but since one wall is mostly white-painted closet doors, leaving only three paintable walls, we asked him to stop at three.  What we did was to paint each wall a different color, and the space above the picture molding is painted the color of the wall beside it.  It was intended to have the effect of the paint traveling from one wall to the next.  It makes for a color-blocked look.

As if the bright colors weren’t enough, Kellen chose a wallpaper border designed with colorful skate boards.  The border has a black background and one of the skateboards has some flames on it, so we purchased some black fabric with flames to make curtains with, but I’ve not yet made those.  On the blue wall you can see part of a poster with two of the skateboards from his border.  What I did was cut several of the skateboards out of left-over border and then had them enlarged at the copy store.  I mounted them onto black posterboard and framed them in a poster frame.  This made for some inexpensive wall hangings to coordinate with his room.

This second picture shows a closer view of the border and yet another color introduced into the room, his green plastic strip curtain covering the doorway.  Kellen loves color…I love color.  I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in this regard.   afs

05-16-09 extra