Some people think I’ve been posting too many flowers.  Can you imagine?  Too many flowers?  I know…it does sounds absurd, doesn’t it!  Oh well, how’s this for moving onto another subject? 

Anderson is blessed with quite a few really good meat and three restaurants.  One of the most well known and loved is Mama Penn’s.   We picked up take out a week or so ago.  This was my selection…not the most healthy I know, but good!  I had chicken fingers, mac and cheese, steamed cabbage, and fried green tomatoes.  They offer biscuits or cornbread and we always choose the biscuits.  As you can see from the picture, it’s quite a dinner.  I passed on my bread, but enjoyed the other items immensly.  The fried green tomatoes were especially good!   Their ice tea rocks too!

…and for dessert…

05-15-09 extra

Although we didn’t enjoy these both on the same night, we often like to visit Ritas for a cool treat.  Their delicious italian ice can really take the bite out of the HOTTEST day!   afs