05-09-09 Eli Moore design


These beautifully designed and hand-painted adirondack chairs were recently up for auction at Anderson Interfaith Ministries’ (AIM) Golf Sponsors Party.  The artist, shown here with the chairs, is Eli Moore.  Eli, better known as Scott to those of us at AIM, is VERY talented as you can see.  A true artist! 

Scott came to AIM as a part time employee through the AARP Senior Employment Program.  He’s a wonderful person and is well liked by the staff, volunteers and supporters.  He speaks often of the many ways that he has been affected by being involved with AIM, and that he has grown in his his faith since becoming a part of our team.  I hope he understands that he has affected others in much the same way. 

I plan to highlight more of Eli’s art in future posts and perhaps even help him set up a blog of his own to promote his passion…his art.  If you’re interested in speaking to Eli about something you might like him to custom paint, call 864-965-9077 and leave a message.  I’ll make sure he gets it.   afs