Lightning Patrol has a little fun on a tire swing.






 I am so proud that my son is a boy scout!  Scouting teaches boys dedication, cooperation, values, leadership and so much more.  They gain knowledge and skills that will last them a lifetime, helping to mold them into well-rounded men.

I consider scouting an extension of Kellen’s education and am very glad that he’s involved with such an active troop as Troop 215, sponsored by First Presbyterian Church.



These photos are from a recent troop camping weekend, where the scouts checked and prepared their gear and supplies for an upcoming regional camp.   afs05-04-09-extra2










05-04-09-extra4I added this last photo as an afterthought.  Kellen came home so very dirty and with a terribly sunburned neck.  This is how he looked before his much needed shower.  He was tired and wouldn’t admit it.  It looks as if he’s too tired to smile.  If the amount of dirt and grime is any indication of the amount of fun he had, I’d say he had a blast!