Leaving the carriage house to parade around town

Leaving the carriage house to parade around town.

The world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales have been in town for Anderson’s Annual Soiree.  These horses are massive AND magnificent!  They are best known for their height, their strength.  You get a good idea of how tall the horses are when you compare them to the adult man walking beside them in the photo above.  We went to the Soiree yesterday specifically to see them during a scheduled parade around several downtown blocks.  I’m glad we went!

Eight horses, all decked out in what appeared to be their fanciest harnesses, pulled a Budweiser beer wagon with several people and a cute dalmation on board.  The sound of their hooves as they thundered by was powerful, commanding the attention that these beauties deserved.  They all had red and white silk roses braided into their manes, which made them look even more festive.  I shot lots of frames of the horses while I had the chance, trying to capture all that enthralled the crowds of people who came out to see them.  I was especially fascinated by their distinctive and beautiful hooves.  afs


Beautiful from head...


...to toe!