Do you RECYCLE?  I’ve taken a few green steps.  I recycle our mixed paper and our plastic grocery bags.  Many times I’ve said that I wanted to set our household up to collect other items, but except for one brief attempt with soda cans that attracted ants, I’ve not made very much progress.

I do make attempts to RE-USE though, since I am a natural pack  rat and hate to throw anything away.  Ask my husband!  😉

My family has also taken steps to REDUCE our carbon footprint by replacing the incandescent bulbs in our household to compact flourescent (CFL) ones.  This step not only helps to save our Earth, but also saves us money (approx. $46 over the life of each bulb!)

Green Light South Carolina has a goal of replacing every lightbulb in South Carolina with energy and money saving CFL bulbs.  They’ve been replacing bulbs in the homes of some of AIM’s clients and we’re so very proud to be associated with them.  Take a moment to visit their website and learn more.

We’re in the process of going green at work.  We’ve recycled cardboard for some time.  More recently, we’ve formed a green-team (me and Kelly, a co-worker right now) and we’re currently making weekly collections of mixed paper within our offices.  We have plans to increase our recycling by adding other items such as plastic, aluminum cans, and more.  We would love to recruit a “Recycling Guru Volunteer” to head up the greening of Anderson Interfaith Ministries.  If you’re interested, please contact me though our website.

I also wanted to take a photo of one of the recycled tire swings at the recycling center to share here today, but didn’t make it back over there like I planned.  Never fear, Lessie has snapped those swings before and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you visiting her photo here.

I found this really cool artists’ website “recycle!”, while surfing around looking for “re” words related to recycling and environmentalism.  Not only does he have a zero waste philosophy and an amazing list of “re” words, he has some amazing art!  What special steps do you take to recycle, re-use, reduce, regenerate, or re-invent?  Share them with me if you have a moment!   afs


A see a face in this recycling bin!

A see a face in this recycling bin!