My friend Lessie and I get together when we can to go photo-trekking.  We both enjoy taking photos, we both have daily photo blogs, and we both learn more when we practice together.  We got together on Saturday and ending up doing a little “photo tracking” you might say.

While walking these tracks, we had a nice, young, “helpful” man in a Jeep YELL  gruffly at us to “get off the tracks”.  We wondered why he was so concerned, since there was no sign of a train coming.  We probably shouldn’t have been up there and did eventually see a sign to that effect.  We were being a little adventurous I suppose (adventurous by my standard anyway 🙂 ),  but we felt safe enough.

My husband told me later that high-speed trains use that track and that should a train have come, we might not have had enough warning to be able to get out of the way without getting hurt.  Lesson learned I guess, but it was really interesting to walk the tracks and I’m glad that we did it. 

We saw countless discarded old railroad spikes and I even brought a dozen of them home (although Heaven only knows for what reason.)  Our perspective of traffic and businesses from the tracks was quite unique too.  I enjoyed it.  We both took a wide variety of photos of the tracks and then Lessie noticed the wording that you can see in the photo above.

We also spotted a fuzzy caterpillar making his way down the track.  Of course I had to snap his photo too.  I did a little research and think this is an Eastern Tent Caterpillar, which morphs into a rather plain looking moth.  Judging by the photos that I saw, he’s living his best-looking days now.   afs