I’ve driven past this birdbath/birdhouse at least once each weekday for three school years.  Every time I’ve passed by, it has totally captured my eye and I have so wanted to take a picture of it.  I really love the way the birdhouse looks when it’s touched by the afternoon sun.  It seems to wink teasingly at me.

The problem is that my travel times on this road are during the most busy morning and afternoon times and there’s always an excess of traffic.  There was never an “easy” and “convenient” opportunity for me to get a photo.  I enphasize “easy and convenient” to confess that sometimes I let my feelings of self-consciousness or even personal convenience prevent me from getting shots that I want.

Truth be told, I could have made a special trip during a less busy time, parked on a side street, walked down to this corner and taken the shot, but these options would have taken me out of my comfort zone.  I wonder about what the home owner would think or that I would be so exposed to the many neighbors, to the traffic, etc.  Silly I know, but we all suffer from our own self-set limitations don’t we?  I can only try and try again to get past challenges when faced with them as I finally did in this case.  There was a payoff, my reward was this nice photo.   afs