04-13-09While in Hilton Head, we visited Harbour Town in the Sea Pines area so that we could see the lighthouse there.  We ate dinner close-by at the Crazy Crab.  James and I both had seafood platters that were VERY good! 

One thing that really stood out to me was the utilization of bicycles on the island.  I’ve been to places with bike paths before, but never have I seen them so well utilized as on Hilton Head.  Although we didn’t rent any this trip, we decided that next time we have to go with the flow and get on the bicycle band-wagon!

Now, James and Kellen did rent some banana bikes at the beach and used them to race on the shoreline.  What a shame that I have no photos of that!  I guess I should tell you that Kellen won.  🙂

From our vantage point at the Crowne Plaza where we stayed, we could see the daily maintenance and cleaning of the rental bikes that they provide.  They were well cared for as you can see here.   afs