This beautiful Lady Banks rose is one we inherited when we purchased our home in 1992.  It’s lovely!  We have one in the front and one in the back.  Even someone as unknowledgeable as me about such things can tell by its large knarled and woody foundation that it is very old.  We have to take care in keeping it cut down to size as it spreads with abandon and would overtake our house if we gave it an opening.  Of course, having our house covered with this beautiful climbing rose would certainly camoflage all of the obvious flaws. 🙂



04-07-09-extraHere’s another shot.  You can read more about the Lady Banks rose by clicking the following link.  If you decide you want a cutting, feel free to ask for one, as we’re happy to share.

I wish I’d have taken another shot so you could see the way the branaches drape and flow.  You can see lots of nice photos if you have time to do a quick search in Google images.  Have a great day!   afs