Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM) is blessed to have the support of more than 300 current volunteers.  Many volunteers such as the ones pictured here come in once or more each week.  These volunteers work within AIM’s Hunger Ministries and make it possible for food packages to be distributed to more than 650 families each month.  From bagging food or washing eggs, stocking shelves, picking up donations or working directly with clients, it takes the hands of many to get the food from the hands of our generous donors to the families who need it.  We applaud you all!

If you’ve been called to serve and would like to know more about service opportunities within the Hunger Ministries and other program areas of  AIM, call 226-2273 ext. 101 to sign up to attend our next monthly orientation and tour, scheduled for Tuesday, April 21 at 9:30.   afs

To learn more about AIM visit:  www.aimcharity.org