Obviously the subject is in shadow, but I didn’t have enough time to make adjustments since squirrels move pretty fast.  I caught this one having a quick bite on the trunk of a dogwood tree in our yard.  Squirrels are very abundant in our  neighborhood.  We used to have a neighbor, an elderly gentleman who has since passed, that tried oh so diligently to thin the squirrel population with his BB gun.  Try as he might, he never did make much of a difference in reducing the number of the little critters. 

They don’t much bother me, as they high-tail it quickly anytime we get too close.  They do tick me off a little during pecan season when they throw their messy cast-away shells down where ever they please.  I would be willing to swear that they even sometimes throw them at us!   They are also responsible for demolishing my plastic watering can.  Evidently they love plastic.  I got off easy though, since I can pick up a new watering can for only a few bucks.  The rascals have been gnawing away at the bumpers on another neighbor’s vehicles (yes, that’s plural.)  I don’t imagine he’ll get out so cheaply.   afs