I took this photo at Kidventure, the playground at Chris Taylor Park.  It struck me as looking like a face.  This part of the structure is designed to be a boat, so I thought it funny that the painted water makes the face look rather seasick.

It’s Friday, the most anticipated day of the week for most working folks.  Even those of us who love our jobs look forward to Friday.  For me, it usually means that I can sleep until I naturally wake instead of being pulled from my slumber before I’m ready.  That’s exciting because I like to stay up late, but I also like to sleep late.

So, here’s to a Friday full of fulfillment, friends, fellowship, and FUN!  If this whimical character had a thought bubble above his head, I wonder what it might say?  If you’re up to a little Friday Fun, leave me a comment with your suggestion.   afs