03-25-09We were in Greenville on Saturday and after listening to much begging, took Kellen to Gattitown for a late lunch.  James and I had other restaurant plans in mind, but as most parents do from time-to-time, we caved.  This place is certainly geared for the kids!  As I watched family after family enter, and one birthday party after another being celebrated, I could only wish that I had thought of this place first.

The food was fine, about what you’d expect on a buffet line.  The main attraction is not the food however, but the midway full of arcade games, virtual reality games, and carnival style games with prizes.  Although we insisted we would NOT stay for two full hours for him to use his entire time card, guess what happened?  We stayed two hours PLUS!  The things we do for our kids…all in the name of love!   afs