These dear sweet girls, Eva and Ella, whom I love as if they were mine, play in springtime flowers and enjoy each others company.  They we had a good time together recently while their Mom and Dad went to see a movie.  I enjoyed watching them play together.

I have a sister.  A beautiful, smart and fast-talking sister, who recently had a birthday.  I still haven’t mailed her card and gift to her.  What kind of sister does that make me?  A slack one.  Sorry Sis, it’ll be there soon!

My sister and I have a 13 year age difference, so we never did much play together in the way that Ella and Eva do.  We’d both like to spend more time together playing now (we both love paper crafts), but we live many miles apart and only see each other once or twice a year.  Maybe next time we get together we can frolic and romp in some flowers like these two!   afs