I’m continuing today in my dream of warm sand, salty ocean breezes and the sounds of sea gulls.  No trip to the SC Lowcountry would be complete without visting Hunting Island State Park.  I love this place!

It’s very beautiful and natural, and when I’m there I always feel that I’m as close as I could be to being on my own private or ‘deserted’ island.  They have nature trails, a marsh boardwalk, native wildlife, fishing, camping and cabin rentals on the island.  There are also some private homes, some with the ocean coming nearly to the front door.  These can be rented also, just not through the state park.

Since I’ll surely never get an invite to Richard Branson’s private isle (and since I can’t afford to buy my way there), I’ve added renting one of the oceanfront private homes for a week (or more) to my bucket list.  The only thing is that I never plan far enough in advance to book one.  Dang, maybe 2010.

Anyhoo, this photo is the Hunting Island Lighthouse, of course.  Its the only lighthouse in SC that allows you to enter and climb to the top for a birds eye view of Hunting Island and surrounding area.  I recommend you go if you can.  We usually go at least once each year when we visit the Beaufort and Harbor Island area.

Here’s a couple of links where you can learn more about Hunting Island: