Tack:  the gear that people put on horses to control them – from halters to harnesses. Whole books have been written about tack. When mankind first tamed the horse thousands of years ago, the only equipment was a leather thong wrapped around the horse’s jaw. Native Americans rode that way for centuries. The basic bridle as we know it was developed by the Egyptians more than 400 years ago. Today, a bewildering number of options are available to the rider.

The two basic styles of riding, English and Western, use quite different saddles and sometimes very different bridles. For either style, the average rider will use the following: a bridle with reins and a bit (or a bridle without a bit, called a hackamore); a saddle pad; and a saddle with a cinch or girth, stirrups, and stirrup leathers. Some horses also need a martingale, which offers further control of the head.

Although I like this photo and wanted to share it here, I don’t didn’t know much about horses and their equipment.  Many thanks to www.horseandridergear.com for this informative definition. 🙂       afs