Children and adults all over our Anderson are excited to FINALLY see some snow!  Our first snowfall of the season fell yesterday on March 1st, and schools throughout all of our five districts posted early cancellation notices for today.  It’s not often that our children know in advance that they’ll have a snow day.  Heck, it’s not often that they get a snow day period.

All around us we heard repeated sounds of limbs falling from the weight of the snow and ice, as well as several distinctive pops and cracks of transformers going.  Our power flickered off twice and then immediately back on both times.  As I type this at just after 11:00 p.m., we still have our power.

As was typical any time we have more than a few flakes, stores in Anderson quickly began selling out of staples like bread and milk this afternoon.  Why is it that falling snowflakes make us want to rush out to the store and stock up?  My husband went out for a few things (yes, bread was on our list), and said that the clerk spoke of being overwhelmed by the rush of people.  Well, I guess that means they’ll be others like me today, cocooned inside with my family and feeling blessed to have a warm home filled with love.   afs