03-01-09The trees, flowers and shrubs in our neighborhood evidently don’t know that there’s three more weeks before the official first day of Spring.  We have a tulip tree blooming in our front yard, and daffodils, lenten roses, and this lovely flowering quince in our back yard. 

As I type, there’s a threat of freezing temperatures and snow in some Upstate areas.  The last time we had a forecast of some potential “Winter weather”, I got really excited and waited child-like for the snow to fall.  I’m not losing any sleep this time though and am actually hoping that it won’t.  Not now that I’ve had a taste of the coming Spring that’s just around the corner.   afs 

Update:  The above photo was taken on February 16 on a sunny warm afternoon.  Today, March 1st, we had our first snow of the Winter in Anderson.  Here’s the same Quince shrub today…