As I posted this photo, I pondered.  What to name it?  I almost named it “Out to Pasture” or “Searching for Something Greener”.  I suppose either might have fit.  On the day that I shot this, the horse didn’t even notice that I was in his (or her) same  world.  I was acknowledged in no way whatsoever.  Which quite frankly is fine with me, as I’ve always been really afraid of these large, powerful animals.  I tend to admire their statuesqe beauty from afar.

As far as my “what if’s” in regard to this photo, I wish that I had experimented more in trying to blur the background a bit, as I don’t think it’s the most attractive.  Also, I like that you can see one of the barbed wires of the fence, but I would have prefered being able to see the lower one as well.  I’m not sure how I might have changed that.   afs