Last Saturday’s day in Pendleton, SC ended with  a visit to Sturee Tribal Village.  We almost passed right by this shop without going in, but I am so glad that something made us stop, check the time and enter.  Entering the shop, as I recall, it was rather dimly lit and very quiet.  Somewhat uncomfortably quiet even.  Being one with a warped gift for being able to identify and solve problems for others WAY better than I can for myself, I even suggested to the ladies who were working that some faint background music from the countries whose items they featured might be nice.  😀

Other than the quiet, I was enthralled with this place.  I am a tactile person, and the colors and textures set my nerve ending on fire!  As I perused and enjoyed, I wanted nothing more than to photograph these lovely items.  I resisted asking for quite some time, hoping that Lessie might ask, but she didn’t, and since I simply couldn’t stand it anymore, I asked.  Since they could think of no reason I shouldn’t, they said that it would be fine and I went to town…snap, snap, snap!

Much like I imagine a drug addict feels getting his fix, I felt relief with each shot that I took.  Somehow the quiet no longer bothered me.  We talked with the two ladies on duty and learned some interesting things about this particular shop, about it’s owner/operators, about the items and about the shop that the two ladies themselves had previously owned in the building just next door.  As it turns out, I know two of the people associated with this store.

I think this particular photograph is beautiful.  It’s a stack of rugs topped with this heavily tasseled textile piece.  I’m not sure if it’s a rug or if it has some other purpose.  The fabric looks a bit more like a tablecloth to me than a rug and I read about a Pakastani tradition of gifting brides with a tablecoth. 

Had it not been closing time, I’m sure that I would have stayed much longer, taking even more photos and perhaps even spending some money on some of the beads or fabulous rings they have.  I’ll be back.  For sure!

Sunbeams break through dusty shadows

highlighting a myriad of colors, textures, shapes,

setting all five senses on high alert.


Nubbly wools, smooth silks,

soft cashmeres, gleaming beads,

tufted, tasseled, knotted, twisted,

woven into something beautiful.


Handcrafts shared from many places,

On display for the delight of another.