MORE Saturday photo treking, MORE stained glass, and MORE fleur de lis!   While visiting the Pendleton area on Saturday, we stopped at St. Pauls Episcopal Church.  What a lovely church it is too, with its white clapboards and beautifully tall bell tower topped with a simple cross.  It was a pleasure to photograph.  We took photos of many things while we were there, and I may share other shots later, but this is one that I really worked hard to capture.  It is the view that I spied through the front window.  You can clearly see the decorative stained glass windows at the back of the church.  You can also see the rippling of the old glass in the windows.  I think it makes for a nice photo.  Not perfect by any means, but nice.   afs

Here’s what the “Discover South Carolina” website had to say about St. Pauls…

This white clapboard church, locataed in the Pendleton Historic District, was built in 1822. It features a Jaridine Pipe organ that has filled the church with music since 1848.  Interred in its cemetery are: Clemson College founders Thomas Greene Clemson, and his wife, Anna Calhoun Clemson, the daughter of US Statesman John C. Calhoun; Confederate generals Clement Hoffman Stevens (1821-1864) and Barnard Elliot Bee (1824-1861), credited with giving Gen. T.J. Jackson the nickname “Stonewall.”