If you follow this blog, then you might know that I rambled around and took photographs last Saturday.  But what did James and Kellen (my husband and son) do?  They went to the “Monster Jam” in Greenville at the Bi-Lo center.  As I’m typing this they’ve both already gone to bed and I’m not sure which of them snapped this photo, so I’ll credit them both.

I was somewhat nervous about them going.  I wondered how strong the fumes would be and how loud the engines would be.  I was secretly glad that they were seated in the upper level, because I had read a news story online about a six year old having been killed in Tacoma Washington by flying debris.  A day or two after they went, we also heard about a promoter being killed at another location.  Thanks be to God that all was fine and that they enjoyed themselves during their father-son outing.

As I looked through their photos, I couldn’t help but wonder about the logistics of having an event such as this at the Bi-Lo Center?  HOW in the world do they move all of that dirt into and out of the building?   afs