I’ve never taken the time to learn much about this old stone church located between pendleton and Clemson, so I took a few minutes to read about it today.  It was built between 1797 and 1802, so the “old” in the name fits, as does the “stone” as it’s obviously made of stone.  In fact, it’s reported to be made of field stones collected from fields by local farmers and sand that their wives carried in their aprons.   One account told of the church being damaged by an earthquake, possibly the Charleston quake of 1886.  It also said that the building was taken apart and rebuilt in the 1960’s using the original materials and location.  According to the article, the restorers found the stone hard to work with and that might be why there’s nearly as much morter as there is stone.   An impressive list of distinquished citizens rest in the adjacent cemetary that I didn’t get to investigate.  Kellen was with me and he wasn’t nearly as charmed by the place as I was.  I plan to go back by myself sometime to snoop around the church and graves on my own.   afs

Added Note:  My hairstylist Caren, confirmed for me that this old stone church is the original location of Pendleton Presbyterian Church where she and her family are members.  She told me that they have an annual service there each May.  That’s a nice tradition, I think!