…this place is FABULOUS!  It’s easy for fantasys to run a little wild while at Biltmore.  I look at this side view of the home where a huge vine covered terrace overlooks what was once an elaborate swimming pool, and I imagine what it might be like to live there and to entertain friends and family on that terrace and around that pool.  It’s fun to visit fantasy land from time-to-time, but I’m actually happy with my own spot in the world here in Anderson.

Take a look at the bottom of this photo near the center.  Notice the person sitting on the step?  I felt so bad for this young man.  He had injured his ankle/leg in some way and was  very obviously in pain.  He was also obviously alone.  I approached him to see if I could help him or get assistance for him, but he wasn’t open for me to help in any way.  I couldn’t help but wonder if his group had gone off to finish their tour while he sat there writhing in pain.  I sure hope they came back for him rather quickly and took him home!     afs