Today’s photo is in keeping with yesterdays theme of colors and healthy foods.  What a sweet and delicious way to make our diets more healthy!  I’m still working on my list of New Year’s resolutions.  I hope I have it finalized sometime tomorrow so that I can begin things on the right foot on Thursday.

You might wonder why it’s taking me so long to make this simple list.  Well, I want to be sure to set myself up for success and not failure.  It’s a delicate balance coming up with a list that’s do-able, yet still challenges me to change some things that need changing or improving.  In past years, when I’ve been too ambitious, I’ve failed.  And when I set goals that were too simple and easy, I felt that I cheated myself.  I know some people don’t make resolutions.  I’m not sure that I understand that.  I think these folks do make resolutions, they maybe just make them at other times during the year and call them something else or maybe they simply call them goals.  After all, Webster defines ‘resolution’ as simply “a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner.”   I think resolutions are important (not only at New Years, but all year long) and although I may not always keep them all, I do give them a great deal of thought and planning and make an honest attempt to live up to them.   afs