We received lots of photo Christmas cards this year from family and friends.  This photo is a collage that I puzzled together on our dining room table.  We sent a photo card greeting as well.  Time really got away from me this year and I debated not even doing cards, but I’m sure glad that I did.  It’s a great way to say hello and to stay up to date on family changes.  I was amazed at how much some have grown and changed since this time last year.  One family member even announced that they were expecting a baby in a creative way (it’s the card w/3 stockings with the names of the couple and ‘coming soon’ on the top stocking!)

Here’s another photo and yet another with some of the other Christmas cards we received.  It was great to hear from everyone and I’ve decided that the Christmas card tradition must go on each year no matter what the circumstances.  As a matter of fact, I’ve already begun thinking of some ideas for next year.  I told myself that I’ve got to begin my holiday planning, decorating and shopping earlier next year and even set an Outlook reminder to alert me in early Autumn that it’s time to begin.  It seems that as each year passes, I find that I am able to get less and less done in the same amount of time.  I make myself feel better by telling myself it’s not just me that has this ‘time managment’ problem.  Now If I’m wrong and it is just me, well then I guess I’m in trouble 🙂