My son Kellen is in fifth grade and has been studying inventors and inventions.  He recently had to do a project that involved identifying a need and coming up with an invention of his own.  He invented a delicious new candy that he calls P.B. Oh!  He combined his favorite flavors (peanut butter, Oreo cookies and chocolate) into something REALLY good!  Everyone who has tasted them has enjoyed them and said that they would purchase this candy if it were available in stores.  Of course now he wants to get them out into the market 🙂

In deciding what to do, he reasoned that there is always a need for something that makes people happy.  Candy IS at the top of the list when it comes to comfort food, and is certainly one of HIS most favorite all-time things!  Many people turn to candy or sweets when they are feeling down or sick, and we always have it around us in good times…times of celebration.

He was graded a 92 (B+) for this project and would have easily earned 3 more points and an ‘A’ if he had identified three more needs that this invention might fill.  What needs does candy fill for you?  Can you think of other things that he might have listed?   afs